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What’s the Point of Duct Testing

If you’ve heard of duct testing, which is a service we offer, you may have wondered exactly what it means or had questions like: What is it testing for? What use is it? Do I need it done? We’re going to answer those questions in this post, because duct testing is an important service that […]



Choosing Between Fiberglass and Pleated Air Filters

If you’re searching for air filters for your HVAC system, you’ll immediately come across several different choices, not all with obvious answers. One of the big choices you’ll face is “fiberglass air filter vs. pleated air filter.” When you’re shopping for options, you’ll often gravitate toward the less expensive choice. This isn’t always ideal, even […]

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions for the Winter

Our team at Peak Home Performance has indoor air quality solutions that can help you enjoy a more comfortable and healthier winter season.


Make Spring Easier with Whole House Air Purifiers

Peak Home Performance Blog Make Spring Easier with Whole House Air Purifiers The Benefits of UV Air Purifiers Alleviate Allergy Symptoms Improve Efficiency Eliminate Foul Odors How It Works Our Recommendations to You Peak Home Performance Blog Search Archive Categories Tags Join our Mailing List: MAKE SPRING EASIER WITH WHOLE HOUSE AIR PURIFIERS Spring is […]

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Why Your IAQ Counts

Here are some indoor air quality problems that you might be struggling with. Come to our professionals for what you need.

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