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Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

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Looking for a brand-new air conditioning installation can be a daunting process. These systems can be expensive and come with a risk of AC repairs in the future, which can turn away most customers. Take a deep breath and know that with Peak Home Performance, things will be different. From honest pricing, to honest recommendations from our customers, to our expert diagnoses and our highly trained technicians, we strive to bring the Pikes Peak Region the ultimate service experience.

Don’t settle for second-rate service in Colorado Springs, CO anymore. We’ll take care of your air conditioning replacement or installation without high-pressure salesmen. We’re The Home Depot's Certified Installer, while also offering a 10-year parts warranty on all installed AC equipment.

Let Peak Home Performance provide high quality service from the best HVAC professionals around. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

AC Installation From the Professionals

Are you looking for central air conditioning installation that will fit the size of your home? Or how about a more specialized AC replacement for your floundering system? These systems are quality products that require precision and expertise when they are installed. If you’ve had your AC installation done by an amateur or a family member in Colorado Springs, CO you could be at risk for a slew of problems that can come from improper installation.

For example, if an AC is sized incorrectly for your home, you could end up dealing with a nasty problem called short-cycling, which means your system will start having difficulty running a full cooling cycle. This will waste a lot of money and cause you to need a replacement much sooner than normal.

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The Benefits of Proper Air Conditioning Installation

From correctly sizing your AC for your home, to charging the refrigerant appropriately, there are many steps of intended accuracy that require a professional to take care of. A system that has had the refrigerant charged to anything other than the manufacturer’s specifications could risk some major problems down the line.

If you’re dealing with an air conditioning system that doesn’t cool your home down nearly enough, or has been dealing with refrigerant leaks constantly since its installation, you could be reaping the consequences of a poor AC installation. It could be time to replace said system the right way, by giving our EPA-certified technicians a call today!

High-Quality Air Conditioning Replacement Services

If you’ve been dealing with a constant onslaught of headaches from the noises, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness of your AC system, it might be time for a replacement. Replacing a malfunctioning air conditioner can be a difficult task, requiring precision work and specialized equipment. Your ducts need to be retrofitted to fit the new system and your new AC needs to be hooked up to your electrical system appropriately as well.

An AC replacement performed by an amateur can be bad news for anything that it’s connected to. You could see damage in your ducts, in your electrical wiring, and worst of all, you might not even feel the cooling that you’re paying for! Don’t settle for an improper air conditioning replacement in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact our team today.

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