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AC Maintenance

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Keep Your System Operating at Its Best with AC Maintenance

Whether it’s the buzzing of bees or the beauty of the blooming flowers, you know when spring has sprung. You also know that the temperature will be rising; do you trust that your air conditioner will be able to keep up?

Scheduling an AC maintenance appointment with Peak Home Performance will ensure your AC system will do its job.

Peak Home Performance provides AC maintenance in Colorado Springs to help prevent emergency AC repairs that leave your family stuck in the heat. Our technicians will ensure your equipment runs efficiently throughout the summer.

Signs You Need an AC Tune-Up

Air conditioners have been designed to work efficiently for several years. However, a little TLC helps them last longer. Regular air conditioner maintenance will prevent issues leading to an increasing energy bill or a total system failure.

You can avoid these issues and extra costs and repairs by calling our team if you notice any of these signs:

  • • System turning on and off frequently
  • • Continuous cycling
  • • Uncomfortable indoor temperatures
  • • Higher energy bills
  • • Increased humidity
  • • Low or no air flowing from the vents

Air conditioning maintenance can resolve these problems and restore airflow to get your system working like it should.

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Why AC Maintenance Is Critical

Air conditioner units have numerous moving parts that will slowly wear out over time. Regularly inspecting these parts can prevent emergencies and keep your home comfortable. The best time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance is before the temperatures increase, so any potential problems can be resolved in time to prevent discomfort.

An AC tune-up is an opportunity for our skilled technicians to assess your entire system, locate broken components, and lubricate moving parts. As a result, you’ll have more comfortable indoor temperatures and improved indoor air quality, and your system will last longer.

This is a great time to give our Peak Performance Plan a try. If you haven’t scheduled your air conditioning maintenance with Peak Home Performance yet, Call us today!

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