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Heat Pump

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Heat Pump Services in Colorado Springs, CO

When we started Peak Home Performance, we intended to provide a new level of heating and cooling quality to our Colorado Springs community. It was as true then as it is today. Now, we’re as dedicated as ever to bringing you the ultimate service experience with our heat pump installations.

Heating your home has a hefty price tag, but installing a heat pump can change that. This alternative heating system can save you money in the long run. Electric heat pumps can reduce your heating bills by approximately 40%.

At Peak Home Performance, we know about heat pumps and can get yours installed promptly. You’ll benefit from year-round comfort, so let our talented technicians install yours today.

Benefits from the Best Heat Pumps

People often choose heat pumps because of their benefits. Those benefits include:

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What Are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps use electricity to cycle refrigerant from an outdoor unit to an indoor unit. This enables the machine to catch heat from outside and transfer it inside, providing a uniquely efficient heating process for your home. A flip can also be switched to reverse this process in the summer, allowing for heat to be removed from your home and deposited outdoors. Since a heat pump moves heat and does not produce it, it can run more efficiently than a furnace or boiler.

In some climates, as temperatures drop, heat pumps can lose efficiency. This doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. In fact, heat pumps can be coupled with furnaces to provide both efficiency and power as a dual-fuel system. Check out our dual fuel system page if you’re looking for both a heat pump and a furnace in one.

Many homeowners enjoy the versatility of this system because it handles both cooling and heating with a single piece of equipment. This cuts down on the equipment cluttering your home and yard.

Quality Care With Our Heat Pump Maintenance Plan

Once you have your heat pump system installed, is the job done? Well, of course not! There’s still a lot of care that goes into owning a heat pump. You’ll need to change or replace the air filters every 1–3 months, keep the area around the heat pump clean and tidy, and schedule maintenance once a year to ensure the heat pump has the longest lifespan possible. Only with a well-structured heat pump maintenance plan can you hope to keep your system running as long as it should.

Don’t get us wrong—there will be a need for heat pump repair in the future. However, with an excellent service professional providing annual maintenance, the number of heat pump repairs you need will be drastically reduced. Don’t hesitate to get the maintenance your heating and air conditioning systems deserve today.

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Professional Heat Pump Installation and Repair Service

Let Peak Home Performance install and service your heat pump system. You’ll soon begin to notice the benefits. Call us today!

Heat pumps may be the cost-effective solution you’ve been looking for. Installing a heat pump isn’t easy. That’s why you need the most experienced and expertly trained heat pump installers in Colorado Springs to do the job.

With professional installation, speedy repairs, and routine maintenance, your heat pump could warm your home for nearly twenty years. You'll begin seeing the savings right away. Not only will you enjoy lower utility bills, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing you have many years before you need a replacement!

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