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Heating Services

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Heating Contractor in Colorado Springs

Heating your Colorado home is essential to your comfort and safety as the outdoor temperatures dip close to freezing. You’ll want to have an experienced team specializing in working with all types of heating systems on speed dial for emergencies. Instead of browsing the internet for “heating and cooling near me,” you can call the Peak Home Performance team.

In cold climates, it’s not a luxury to have access to a reliable heating system. And boy does it get cold in Colorado Springs! Whether it’s a furnace, boiler, or radiant heating system, it’s imperative that you have the right heating contractor to do the job correctly the first time. Peak Home Performance brings years of experience to the Colorado Springs, CO community, and we’re not stopping there!

When it comes to heaters, we offer a 10-year parts warranty on everything that’s installed. We won’t stop until every customer we serve is treated like the friends, family, and neighbors we know they are.

We don’t have any high-pressure salesmen or concern for how much we want you to spend. We’re all about finding the solution that fits your home and your budget. So don’t stress about heater problems. Give us a call and let us sort things out.

As one of top heating companies in Colorado Springs, we have years of experience completing heating installations, repairs, and maintenance services. Count on us to keep you warm this winter.

Heating Systems

We offer a plethora of heating systems to fit each home and every need in the Pikes Peak Region. Take a look at what we offer, and we’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got the perfect heater.

Heating Services

Heating Installation Services

When you’re preparing to build a new house, you have a lot to consider creating the most comfortable home for your family. One of the most crucial factors is how you’ll heat it. At Peak Home Performance, we install the most innovative heating systems available today, including the versatile heat pump.

You’ll receive fair prices and exceptional quality work when you hire us to install your heater.

Read More

Heating Maintenance Services

Properly maintaining your heating equipment ensures you always get the most out of it. You’ll have fewer emergency repairs and lower heating bills, and it will last longer. Every maintenance appointment includes a comprehensive inspection, cleaning of your system, and completion of your routine maintenance to verify that every part is working as expected. Read More

Heating Repair Services

Most people would rather spend their hard-earned money on something more fun than a heating repair in Colorado Springs. But when your furnace is struggling to meet the demands of your home, you’ll want to know you can trust the company you call to restore your heat.

Peak Home Performance can handle unexpected breakdowns. Whether you have a heat pump or another heating system, you can trust our heating services. Read More

Heating Replacement

Peak Home Performance offers exceptional heating replacement services. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for all heating system needs.

Whether it's a faulty furnace or an outdated heating unit, Peak Home Performance offers efficient and reliable replacements tailored to each home’s requirements. With our extensive expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure your home is equipped with efficient and effective heating systems, keeping you and your family warm and comfortable throughout the year. Read More

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Your Trusted Resource for Heating Repair and Maintenance Services

Working for as long as we have in the Colorado Springs, CO, area means that we know how to deal with the cold. If you choose the wrong HVAC company, you run the risk of dealing with the dry air and the cold all at the same time when you’d rather be warm and cozy. That’s why our motto is "guaranteed comfort at an affordable price." We do just that—guarantee your comfort.

Our heating system installations, whether heat pumps, furnaces, or boilers, are guaranteed to keep you comfortable all winter. Keep the cold and dry Colorado climate out of your home with one of our products.

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