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Air Duct Cleaning

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Peak Home Performance Offers Air Duct Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs

Air ducts often contain millions of microscopic organisms. When your HVAC system switches on, these particles can spread throughout your home. When it comes to your air ducts, cleaning is essential for removing dust, dirt, and other pollutants that can harm your family's health.

Peak Home Performance has a team that knows their stuff when it comes to air duct cleaning. We’ve got all the right equipment and the attitude to improve your indoor air quality at an affordable price. Our motto is guaranteed comfort at an affordable price because we believe that no service should be gut-wrenchingly expensive if it helps keep you comfortable. Air ducts are no exception!

With professional air duct cleaning services from Peak Home Performance, your supply and return air ducts, along with the registers and diffusers, get cleaned from top to bottom. Call our team for a new level of air duct service quality in Colorado Springs, CO.

When Do You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts?

Most people routinely replace their air filters, thinking this is enough to prevent dirt and debris from filtering into their homes. Unfortunately, it’s not. You’ll eventually notice your indoor air quality declining and your HVAC system working harder than before.

Not everyone knows you can hire an air duct cleaner to prevent these things from happening. But when should you schedule a duct cleaning? Your home could benefit from this vital service if:

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The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Dust and debris aren’t the only things that get caught in your air ducts. Your ductwork is dark, and depending on whether you’ve got a humidifier running, it's damp as well. Dark and damp places are potential breeding grounds for mold and mildew, which is an awful thing to have in your air vents. Cleaning your air ducts could help mitigate that problem and keep you safe.

There are a wide variety of mold and mildew species that can live in your air ducts. Unless you enjoy living in a swamp, this is generally not conducive to your respiratory health. Why not have the most qualified, EPA-certified technicians in the area give your ducts a thorough sweep?

Increased HVAC System Efficiency

If you thought good health and sanitation were the only benefits from an air duct cleaning, there’s more to it than that! Forced-air heating or cooling systems rely on a constant stream of airflow to keep them working well. That’s why we regularly have to change air filters in systems; the clogging of those filters can make it difficult for an HVAC system to breathe.

Since all your home’s air travels through air ducts, clearing up those ducts can lead to a healthier HVAC system that lasts longer. Your heater needs a clear duct system to provide you efficiently and effectively with the conditioned air that you desire. Why not schedule home duct cleaning services in the Pikes Peak Region today and keep your HVAC systems happy as well?

Why Work with Professionals Like Peak Home Performance?

The average homeowner doesn’t understand much about their HVAC system, so air duct cleaning services are often underutilized. When you hire a professional team like Peak Home Performance, you’ll get the high-quality results and exceptional customer service you deserve.

During an air duct cleaning, our technicians may also identify areas that require repairs, saving you money from extensive damage.

The only way to ensure your air ducts are clean and provide maximum efficiency is to have our technicians inspect and clean them. Call us today to schedule your air duct cleaning.

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How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

The frequency of scheduling our duct cleaning services depends on several factors. However, the standard recommendation is every three to five years.

If you’re planning any home renovation or remodeling projects, it’s best to schedule an air duct cleaning once the job is complete to remove any toxins contractors may have stirred up. Having your air ducts cleaned after installing new HVAC equipment is also beneficial. Contact Peak Home Performance to schedule your air duct cleaning services.

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