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Basic Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

You might say that a heat pump’s work is never done: as soon as the cool weather fades, a heat pump changes over to cooling mode, and when the summer’s gone and a chill re-enters the air, a heat pump jumps back to heating mode. If you have a heat pump for your home, you […]



Why Your AC is Running Longer Than Normal

We’ve written before about a phenomenon called short-cycling that occurs in air conditioners: the AC becomes stuck in its start-up cycle and turns on and off rapidly over a short time. There are many potential causes for short-cycling, and all of them need to be addressed before the situation worsens and the AC runs up […]


What’s the Point of Duct Testing

If you’ve heard of duct testing, which is a service we offer, you may have wondered exactly what it means or had questions like: What is it testing for? What use is it? Do I need it done? We’re going to answer those questions in this post, because duct testing is an important service that […]


Sign Up for the Peak Home Performance Plan and Get Your

The best way to get great professional air conditioning maintenance is to join our Peak Home Performance Maintenance Plan.

How Often Do I Need to Schedule Duct Cleaning


How Often Do I Need to Schedule Duct Cleaning?

We recommend you have an idea how long it takes before your ducts are dirty enough that they need this service.


How the Furnace Limit Switch Works to Regulate Heating and Keep You Safe

We’re going to examine an important part of the furnace, the limit switch, and see how it helps the furnace perform its best and prevent safety concerns.


Why Your AC Isn’t Effectively Cooling the 2nd Floor

There may be issues with your air conditioning system that are limiting it.


Understanding the Limits of Your AC

Below we’ll look into how much cooling you can expect from your AC and how to make sure you don’t place extra strain on it.


Watch Out for Unlicensed HVAC Contractors

When you come to Peak Home Performance for your HVAC needs, whether you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system, think your heater needs repairs, or it’s time for regular maintenance, you’ll receive the finest service from a team of trained professionals. We’re also a licensed HVAC contractor—and you only want to work with […]

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Prep Your AC for the Summer With the Peak Home Performance Club

One of the most important services we offer for our valued customers is regular maintenance for their HVAC systems. With spring already here and the summer weather not far off, this is the ideal time to arrange for AC maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO with our team. Our Peak Home Performance Club makes maintenance an even greater […]

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