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The indoor air quality in our homes affects us throughout the year. Winter, however, presents several special challenges. When homes are closed up against the outside cold, it allows for many allergens and other pollutants to build up indoors. Winter is also a prime period for colds and flus to circulate through a home. Finally, the low humidity of winter can create unpleasantly dry indoor conditions.

We have good news on all these fronts—our team at Peak Home Performance has indoor air quality solutions that can help you enjoy a more comfortable and healthier winter season. Below we’ll look at ways we can help you overcome the winter indoor air quality blues.

Dealing With Allergens

The natural way to remove allergens from a house is to have good air circulation with the outdoors. Keeping windows open clears out pet dander, pollen, volatile organic compounds, dust mites, and other sources of allergies and asthma. Then the Colorado winter cold arrives and windows have to stay shut. There’s help, however, with whole-house air purification and air filtration systems.

Air filters are a basic way to remove larger particles from the air in your home. Filters trap dander, pollen, and dust in a mesh of fibers. Our experts can find the ideal strength of filters to integrate into the ducts of your house to lower the amount of allergens. You need to have professionals for this job because filters can be too powerful and end up blocking airflow from the HVAC system. You can trust our team to ensure you have the filter with the right strength to clean the air and let your heating system do its job.

Since many smaller particles, such as viruses, microbes, and germs, can get through filters, your HVAC system may also need an air purifier. We install special types of purifiers that remove bacteria, viruses, and sources of respiratory illnesses. These are some of the best purifications systems on the market, and they’re perfect for handling winter indoor air quality problems.

The REME Halo Air Purifier

We want to bring your attention to one of the most effective air purifiers we install: the REME Halo. This air purifier is more powerful than most other filtration and purification systems on the market. Not only does the REME Halo eliminate common allergy triggers, it kills up to 99% of bacteria on surfaces, minimizes odors, and is effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. A third-party study showed that REME Halo is 99.9% effective against coronavirus.


When the water moisture of winter turns into ice and snow, it can mean a steep drop in a home’s humidity. Dry air makes it harder for people to stay warm and creates health problems such as dry, cracked skin and nose-and-eye irritation. Dry conditions also make it easier for colds and flus to rapidly spread among people in a home. Our best solution to this is installing a whole-house humidifier. Room humidifiers only offer minor protection in a small area of the house. A whole-house humidifier lets you control the humidity levels in all the rooms connected to the HVAC system, and you can prevent the house from becoming too humid.

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