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Well, 2020 was … a year, wasn’t it? As much as everybody would love to forget it and push forward, the start of 2021 is an excellent time to pause for reflection about how to move forward using the lessons of the past.

Let’s take the example of your home. During a year in which you probably spent more time in your house than at any other time, your home will have become something much greater than just “a home.” It became a schoolhouse, a gym, an office, a digital conference room, a theater, even a personal hair salon.

And because you’ve been home to run that school, gym, office, and salon, now is a good time to discuss the condition of your home’s air ducts. Indoor air quality is an essential part of the health of you and your family. Dusty and dirty air ducts will lower the home’s air quality and make life indoors much less pleasant. We can help change that with duct cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO.

Signs Your Ducts Are Dirty

Here are a few signs of dusty and dirty ducts you may have overlooked:


Frequent headaches can warn of poor air quality. If headaches are becoming a regular nuisance for you, and all the over-the-counter medicines, temple massages, and breathing exercises aren’t doing anything, it may be your body telling you something is wrong with the air. And that “something” may lurk in the air ducts.

Coughing or Cold Symptoms

Does it seem like cold and flu season has become a year-long event? Coughing, sneezing, or other cold symptoms can be triggered by contaminants in the ductwork that get blown out into the air each time the HVAC system turns on. You can wipe out all that congestion and sneezing with duct cleaning. Think of it as getting rid of a dust reservoir that’s out of reach of normal cleaning.


Wheezing is never a good sign! It’s especially odd if you don’t have preexisting conditions that could cause it. Is the dust from the ductwork to blame? It’s worth investigating.

Itchy Eyes

You’re constantly rubbing your eyes when you’re at home, and that’s causing further irritation. Dry or itchy eyes are often caused by the leftover dirt and debris in the ductwork.


You’re tired and you generally feel unwell most of the time. This is likely caused by your body constantly fighting off the bacteria that might be hiding within the ducts. It could also be from dust mites. Professional duct cleaning can wipe out these problems and give you back your normal energy.

Low Airflow

Dirty ductwork does more than hurt your indoor air quality: it harms the effectiveness of your HVAC system. The resistance from the dust and dirt on the duct walls harms airflow, and this will make the HVAC system work harder, either when cooling or heating. This will affect both your comfort and utility bills—so watch for a decline in the first and a rise in the second.

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