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If you’re struggling to get comfortable in your home, good indoor air quality might be the piece of your home that you’re missing. It’s time to ask yourself: when was the last time you cleaned your home’s air ducts? Are you having trouble even recalling the last time this happened? Is your answer “never”? This means that you need to come to us for a duct cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO.

We know that this might be something that you overlook for the most part, but we’re here to help you bring this to center focus. We want you to be comfortable in your home. We also want you to have a healthy home environment.

Do You Need IAQ Help?

Are you having trouble determining if you need indoor air quality help? Here are some signs that you need a little indoor air quality work:

  • You have a high amount of dust in your home
  • You notice odd sounds happening within your ductwork system
  • You’ve got sinus congestion
  • You have inconsistencies in your air distribution
  • You’ve got mold and mildew growth
  • You notice unpleasant odors through your home
  • You notice humidity issues
  • Your body feels dry (dry skin and brittle hair)
  • Your eyes are extremely irritated
  • You have constant headaches
  • You notice that you’re short of breath at home
  • You feel like you have allergies throughout the year

Your Indoor Air Quality Options

Okay, so you’ve realized that you’ve got an indoor air quality problem and you need to take the necessary next steps. What are your options?

Air Duct Cleaning

We’re going to start with this one because it’s the indoor air quality service that we mentioned in the into. Air duct cleanings are incredibly important.
Air duct cleanings are an opportunity for a professional on our team to get in your home, clean out all the debris, dust, and other grime that’s built up over time, and solve your problems.

Air Filters and Air Purifiers

Do you have persistent indoor air quality issues? An air purifier or an air filter can be what you need to solve all of your problems. The specific problems that you’re having need to be addressed with a specific system.
We’re going to make sure that you have the right air filter or air purifier in your home. We’re going to find the right brand for you too.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Have you noticed that you’re having trouble with your humidity balance? Your humidity balance should always be in between 30% and 50%. If it’s any lower or higher you’re going to need a humidifier.

HRV and ERV Systems

Heat and energy recovery ventilators are great systems to help your indoor air quality. These systems are the unit you need if you want to circulate in some fresh air without sacrificing your indoor temperature.

Think about it—how many times have you wanted to open a window in your home, but you didn’t go through with it because it was too hot outside? These systems solve these issues.

Contact Peak Home Performance for the indoor air quality work you need.

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