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Why Your AC is Running Longer Than Normal

We’ve written before about a phenomenon called short-cycling that occurs in air conditioners: the AC becomes stuck in its start-up cycle and turns on and off rapidly over a short time. There are many potential causes for short-cycling, and all of them need to be addressed before the situation worsens and the AC runs up […]


The Importance of Proper Sizing for a New AC

You may need to have a new air conditioning system installed in your home before the major summer weather arrives. Now is a great time to arrange with the Peak Home Performance team for an air conditioning installation in Colorado Springs, CO. You definitely want experts like ours to handle this installation. There are many […]


How to Take It Easy on Your AC This Summer

We can expect another hot summer in Colorado, and that means air conditioning systems in homes will put in plenty of work. A central air conditioner is a wonderful appliance to have so you can make it through the summer’s hottest days—but you also want to ensure your AC continues to operate throughout the season […]


Factors to Consider When Getting a New AC

The most important way you can prepare your air conditioning system for the approaching summer is to arrange for a maintenance inspection and tune-up from our Peak Home Performance team. This service helps an AC run at its highest efficiency while avoiding most repair issues, and it extends the air conditioner’s service life and keeps […]


Other Great Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

The Peak Home Performance Maintenance Program is one of the best services that we offer to our customers. When you join the program, you’ll receive routine maintenance visits from our exceptional technicians to keep your HVAC equipment running in true “Peak” condition. Air conditioning maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO has numerous benefits, many of which […]


Sign Up for the Peak Home Performance Plan and Get Your

The best way to get great professional air conditioning maintenance is to join our Peak Home Performance Maintenance Plan.

How Often Do I Need to Schedule Duct Cleaning


How Often Do I Need to Schedule Duct Cleaning?

We recommend you have an idea how long it takes before your ducts are dirty enough that they need this service.


Why Is Water Leaking From My Air Conditioner?

If you listen to the sounds that an air conditioner makes as it runs, you’ll notice the occasional sound of the drip of water. This isn’t a malfunction but part of how the AC works. And if you can hear water inside your air conditioner, that must mean the water gets sent somewhere, because you […]


Do I Need to Get a New AC When the Compressor Fails?

The compressor is the heart of an air conditioning system. It’s the component that puts refrigerant under pressure so it will circulate and carry out the process of heat exchange that cools down a home. Without a working compressor, a central air conditioner is nothing more than a large central fan. The compressor is also […]


Why Your AC Isn’t Effectively Cooling the 2nd Floor

There may be issues with your air conditioning system that are limiting it.

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