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The Peak Home Performance Maintenance Program is one of the best services that we offer to our customers. When you join the program, you’ll receive routine maintenance visits from our exceptional technicians to keep your HVAC equipment running in true “Peak” condition.

Air conditioning maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO has numerous benefits, many of which we detailed in our last post. These include an extended service life, improved system efficiency, and general peace of mind. Our Peak Home Performance Maintenance Program comes with special membership perks as well:

  • Priority service within 48 hours• $500 off a complete HVAC system replacement
  •  Inflation protection in case program fees increase
  •  No overtime fees
  • 15% discount on all repairs, parts, and cleaning

That’s great value for your money. But we haven’t examined all of the benefits of maintenance. We’ve written about the major, but we want to share with you some benefits that don’t receive as much attention as they should

Increase the value of your home

You might not have realized how important an AC (and heater) in top condition is for potential home buyers—unless you’ve shopped for a home recently as well. People don’t want to buy a home they’ll immediately need to sink a large amount of money into, and a run-down AC that hasn’t had regular maintenance can be a top money-draining item. Maintaining your HVAC equipment gives you an important advantage if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future. You can show proof that you’ve taken the best care of your cooling equipment.

Improve indoor air quality

Homeowners are looking for ways to boost their indoor air quality, but they often miss one of the major sources of air contamination: a dusty and dirty air conditioner. You can have a clean house and even clean ducts, but a dirty AC will still put pollutants into your air. Regular cleaning is a key part of our maintenance service for air conditioners, since it not only helps with air quality, it lowers the amount of wear and tear on the system. Dirt is a major enemy of your HVAC system.

Protect your home

You may worry about your AC breaking down when you’re home during a hot day. Maintenance alleviates this concern. But have you considered the AC breaking down when you aren’t home? We recommend setting the thermostat at 88°F when you’re on vacation to help protect your house and possessions from extreme heat—and if the AC breaks down because it wasn’t well-maintained, you won’t be there to call us for repairs!

Benefit the environment

An air conditioner that turns inefficient from neglect will raise your bills. That’s reason enough to want it maintained. But inefficiency has effects beyond your home. It puts more demand on power stations and puts more emissions into the air. If your AC is leaking refrigerant, that’s another danger to the environment. Keeping your AC maintained means it won’t have a negative impact on the Earth.

Just contact the team at Peak Home Performance today to get started!

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