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Are you excited about the warmer weather? Even people who love the winters in Colorado enjoy it when the warm weather finally arrives. But amidst the relief from the intense cold, it’s important to remember that warm weather often turns into hot weather during the summer. So as spring gets underway, we want to remind all our current and future customers about scheduling their regular spring maintenance for their air conditioning systems.

The best way to get great professional air conditioning maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO, is to join our Peak Home Performance Maintenance Plan. The benefits are tremendous—it’s one of the best services we offer!

Why AC Maintenance Is So Valuable

Maintenance for HVAC systems—whether the air conditioner or the heater—is an essential part of keeping those systems working right. Nobody can force you to have your HVAC systems maintained, but annual maintenance is about as mandatory as it gets. Without spring maintenance, your air conditioner won’t do the job you expect from it.

We’ll break down the value you get from air conditioning maintenance:

  •  Longevity: An air conditioning system will reach its manufacturer’s estimated service life (10–15 years) with maintenance. Without, the AC may fail many years early and force an expensive replacement.
  • Energy efficiency: The wear and tear on an air conditioning system will cause it to lose energy efficiency each year, around 5% or more. Maintenance slows down the effects of aging on the AC so that it will only lose around 5% efficiency over most of its service life. That means paying less to cool your house every summer.
  • Reduced repair needs: Because the majority of repairs an air conditioner will need over its service life are due to maintenance neglect, staying current with maintenance means you’ll preemptively banish more than 50% of the repairs you’d otherwise need to schedule.
  • Reliable performance: You don’t want to worry throughout the summer that your cooling system will fail when you need it the most. Getting the AC maintained in spring makes it far more likely it will sail through the summer, no trouble.

About the Peak Home Performance Maintenance Plan

The Peak Home Performance Maintenance Plan was designed to make regular HVAC maintenance easier and a greater value for our customers. As a member, you’ll receive two maintenance tune-ups per year: the first in spring for your cooling system, and the second in fall for your heating system. That’s an enormous value right there because of all the benefits of getting a great regular tune-up for your HVAC system. But we’ve put more into the program…

  • Priority service within 48 hours for HVAC service
  • A $100 Peak Bucks gift card at initial sign-up and at every annual renewal with no limit (a $100 yearly value)
  • 15% discount on all repairs, parts, and cleaning
  • $500 off a complete HVAC system replacement
  • Inflation protection in case club fees increase
  • Never pay overtime fees

We aren’t here to pester you with any high-pressure sales pitches: we offer the best service at the best value for our customers. You only have to call us and ask to enroll in the Peak Home Performance Maintenance Plan and we’ll get you started with scheduling an appointment for your spring AC tune-up.

Rely on the experts at Peak Home Performance: Guaranteed Comfort and Affordability.

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