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Electrical repairs in Colorado Springs


5 Common Electrical Problems Homeowners Face

Electrical problems can make homeowners feel powerless — literally and figuratively. Left ignored or unaddressed, electrical issues can grow and compound until they result in catastrophic and expensive failure. Here are five of the most common electrical problems to monitor before calling for professional repairs. 1. Tripping Circuit Breakers Your circuit breaker trips or automatically […]

aluminum wiring in Colorado Springs


Should You Replace the Aluminum Wiring in Your House?

Aluminum wiring was commonly used in homes built throughout the 1960s and 1970s. If your home dates back to this era, it’s likely that you have aluminum wiring unless a previous owner had the electrical system updated. However, if you do still have aluminum wiring in your home, there are a few benefits to replacing […]

HVAC maintenance in Colorado Springs


DIY vs. Professional HVAC Maintenance: When to Call in the Experts

There are certain things you can do to keep your HVAC system in good working condition on your own. Additionally, professional HVAC maintenance will ensure your heating and cooling systems function effectively without unnecessarily wasting energy. Here is what you need to know on DIY HVAC maintenance and when it’s time to call in the […]

electrical issues in Colorado springs


5 Common Electrical Issues Found in Older Homes

No home is immune to electrical issues. However, older homes often face a higher incidence of such troubles. In an age where your life may seem to depend on electricity, you must know the common problems that could impact your electric system. You don’t have to continue being inconvenienced in your home. Instead, upgrade it […]

heating installation in Colorado springs


The Importance of Professional Heating Installations: Ensuring Safety and Performance

Homeowners sometimes consider saving money on heating installation costs by doing the project themselves. An HVAC system is a huge investment that must have every component installed correctly. The consequences of improperly installed HVAC systems far outweigh the short-term savings. Even DIY aficionados need assistance when it is time to install heaters in your home. […]

heat pump in Colorado Springs


When to Repair vs. Replace Your Heat Pump

A heat pump is an efficient home comfort solution, but they are just as susceptible to wear and tear as a traditional HVAC system. If you’ve noticed your heat pump system struggling to meet your home’s demands, you know you need to call a professional for help. But will you be scheduling a heat pump […]


Insights into Your Heat Pump Tune-Up: What You Can Expect

Scheduling a heat pump tune-up is an essential part of regular home maintenance. But what should you anticipate from professional heating maintenance? Here’s the general outline of what an HVAC expert will do during your appointment. Checking the Air Filter Heat pumps filter particulates out of the air to give you better air quality in […]

air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs


How to Plan for Your Air Duct Cleaning Appointment

Most heating and cooling systems primarily use air ducts to move the treated air throughout your home. Though these passageways are key components of the system, they can quickly become clogged with dirt, dust, and mold, causing things to not work as efficiently. It will require more energy to operate your HVAC system, thus increasing […]


Clearing the Air: How Duct Cleaning Services Make a Difference

Air ducts have one vital job: to send air from your HVAC around your home so every room matches the temperature you set on your thermostat. While ducts fulfill their role quite well, the dust and particles they transmit can stick to the ductwork over time. When they aren’t cleaned often enough, these particles filter […]

AC Replacement vs. Repair: How to Make the Choice

Air conditioning is crucial for your comfort during warm weather. But unfortunately, the reliance on air conditioning also means that if yours is acting up, it can be a race to figure out what to do next. AC replacement is sometimes necessary, but it can be a cost many homeowners aren’t ready to commit to. […]

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