Planning HVAC Maintenance? Know When to Call the Pros
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There are certain things you can do to keep your HVAC system in good working condition on your own. Additionally, professional HVAC maintenance will ensure your heating and cooling systems function effectively without unnecessarily wasting energy.

Here is what you need to know on DIY HVAC maintenance and when it’s time to call in the pros.

DIY HVAC Maintenance: What Can You Do?

You can ease the wear and tear damage your system suffers with a few HVAC maintenance practices.

Conduct a Thermostat Test

A thermostat test is easy to complete and only takes a few minutes. In the spring, you will set the thermostat to cool. Move the temperature gauge down a few degrees. The air conditioner should instantly start a cycle.

In the fall, switch the thermostat to heat, and move the temperature gauge up a few degrees. The heating system should begin a cycle almost immediately.

If a cycle doesn’t begin as you conduct these tests, contact an HVAC technician. You likely need to have your thermostat calibrated or replaced.

Replace the Air Filter

Among the most important HVAC tune-up benefits that you’ll experience with professional maintenance is that the technician will replace your system’s air filter. Between tune-ups, though, you should also plan on replacing the filter every 30 days.

This will improve your indoor air quality and reduce stress on your heating and cooling systems.

Clean Your Ducts and Air Vents

Semi-annual HVAC maintenance should include duct cleaning and inspections. Depending on your region, your HVAC technician might recommend this service less frequently. Between duct cleaning appointments, keep an eye on your registers and air vents.

These units collect dust and debris, which your treated air picks up and circulates throughout your home. Keeping these grates clean will prevent your treated air from becoming contaminated with these particles. You’ll also keep excess debris from clogging up the HVAC system’s filter.

Is It Time to Call a Professional HVAC Maintenance Service?

You likely already know that you need to call the pros for repairs when you’re facing problems with your HVAC system. But professional HVAC maintenance can come with a range of benefits as well, such as helping you comply with the system’s warranty terms.

It’s time to call the pros if you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits:

Reduce Wear and Tear Damage

In addition to complying with warranty terms, scheduling an HVAC tune-up can reverse the damage your cooling or heating system suffered in the previous season. A technician can tighten loose fittings in the system and ensure motors are properly lubricated.

They will also clean the coils and other components for more efficient operation.

Promote Better Heating and Cooling

If your home feels too warm or too cold, subscribing to an HVAC maintenance plan can help. During the tune-up, your HVAC technician will inspect for refrigerant and condensate drain line leaks. Inspections help you enjoy your heating and cooling without disruptions or poor performance.

Keep Your Home Safer

What do HVAC services include? This is a common question for new homeowners. An important aspect of this service is the furnace tune-up. A poorly maintained furnace might leak carbon monoxide or natural gas into the home.

Even an AC tune-up is necessary for safety, as it can prevent refrigerant leaks and ensure proper indoor air quality.

Is It Time for Seasonal Maintenance for Your HVAC System?

Peak Home Performance provides high-quality HVAC maintenance and repairs to help you keep your system running efficiently. We take pride in providing homeowners throughout Colorado Springs with both guaranteed comfort and affordability.

To schedule maintenance for your HVAC system, contact us today.

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