AC Replacement vs. Repair: How to Make the Choice
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Air conditioning is crucial for your comfort during warm weather. But unfortunately, the reliance on air conditioning also means that if yours is acting up, it can be a race to figure out what to do next. AC replacement is sometimes necessary, but it can be a cost many homeowners aren’t ready to commit to. On the other hand, AC repair can temporarily fix problems, but replacing your unit could be more cost-effective.

So how can you make a more informed choice? Here’s what you need to know about AC replacement and repairs so you don’t have to sweat this decision.

When to Book AC Repair in Colorado Springs

Homeowners will eventually find their climate control unit on the fritz, so scheduling repairs from a qualified HVAC tech is par for the course. But some issues indicate a repair is all you need, while others suggest that repairs would only be a band-aid.

AC repair will virtually always be less expensive than replacement, so it’s often wise to call for repair first if you need to buy time or diagnose an issue with professional help.

However, ACs that constantly need repairs won’t save you time or money. It’s better just to make the call to get a new AC. But more minor repairs, like issues with refrigerant or drainage, usually don’t fall into this category unless there’s another underlying issue.

Repairs also make much more sense if your system is relatively new or doesn’t usually break down. Both situations suggest your issue would be simple to repair, so it’s not worth tossing out a perfectly good unit in this instance. If you’re curious, you can always discuss your AC’s performance with a technician during your repair to get their opinion on where you should go from here.

When to Book AC Replacement in Colorado Springs

If your unit is older than 10-15 years old and you’re having consistent issues with it, it’s time to consider a replacement. ACs around this age won’t spring back any time soon, and investing in a new unit could help you save money on your energy costs in addition to helping you feel more comfortable.

Replacement also might be necessary if you’re worried about your AC affecting your home’s safety. Damaged or old ACs can pose safety risks by leaking carbon monoxide or becoming fire hazards. If a technician mentions that your AC could potentially put you in harm’s way, don’t risk it — start looking into an AC replacement.

If you’ve kept up with your HVAC tune-ups, but your system’s performance is still lackluster, despite nothing else wrong with it, it could be time to throw in the towel. Homeowners often have to turn their ACs up to compensate for poor performance, leading to higher energy costs and more repairs that could be avoided with a brand-new AC.

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