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Do you sometimes feel less comfortable at home than you do outside? The culprit could be dirty air ducts. It’s true that air ducts trap particles to keep your home’s air healthy, but only if you schedule routine cleanings. Even the cleanest homes could have dust and debris lurking in their air ducts. And if left alone, these particles can wreak havoc on your respiratory system.

But can dirty air ducts make you sick? Here are four ways they can impact your health and how you can take steps toward fresher air today.

1. Worsening Allergies or Asthma

Anyone who has allergies or asthma knows you’re already suffering enough when you step outside. It feels like everything from pollen to mold is out to get you. But you may not realize that the things that make you miserable outside are hiding in plain sight in your air ducts. And incredibly, cleaning your air ducts could lower the chances of having an allergy attack by up to 70%.

If it’s been a while since your last air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs, and you feel like your symptoms are worsening, it’s worth scheduling an air duct cleaning for your health and comfort.

2. Affecting Energy Levels

Even if you’re not dealing with respiratory issues, constantly breathing in dirt and bacteria from dirty air ducts can make you feel more run down and tired at home. You could just be sitting there minding your own business, relaxing and watching TV, while your immune system is hard at work to protect you from these particles, unknowingly sapping your energy.

3. Drying Out Skin

Allergy issues are not the only problem stemming from dirty air ducts. Symptoms like dry or itchy skin are also common. This impact on your skin can happen if mold and mildew grow in your air ducts. The spores will circulate through your home, making your skin itchy, causing rashes, or worsening pre-existing skin issues like eczema.

Dust and dirt can also cause dry eyes, leading to frustrating eye irritation. Some of these symptoms come from specific allergies but can affect anyone if the problem gets bad enough.

4. Developing Respiratory Infections

The most problematic of the signs of dirty air ducts is if anyone in your home starts developing respiratory infections. While this doesn’t always mean dirty air ducts are the cause, it’s wise to call for an air duct cleaning if this becomes an issue. Constant headaches, sore throats, nasal congestion, coughing, or sneezing are all linked to mild to moderate respiratory infections. And if you’re exposed long enough or if someone in your home is immunocompromised, there’s even the possibility of contracting bronchitis or pneumonia.

Perform at Your Peak with Healthy, Clean Air

No homeowner should feel like the air in their home is out to get them. That’s where we can jump in to help! If you need professional air duct cleaners, Peak Home Performance is there to get your home’s air quality back on track. Call us today to learn more and schedule your appointment for a cleaning.

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