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Living in a digital world requires having reliable electrical outlets to charge your numerous devices. Recently built homes are likely equipped with enough outlets to meet your family’s demands. But houses built before the turn of the century may be outdated and put you at risk of getting shocked or burned.

Whether you have an outdated or faulty electrical outlet, knowing when it’s time for a replacement is crucial. You can keep your home and family safe by inspecting each electrical outlet for signs that it’s time for an electrical outlet installation.

1. The Electrical Outlet Doesn’t Work

Having no electrical supply for your devices indicates that you may need a new fixture. You can test other outlets in the same room to see if they work. If none of them power up your electronics, your breaker may be tripped. Resetting the breaker should restore your power.

If resetting it doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s time to schedule an appointment for an electric outlet replacement. Call a trained electrician who understands codes, regulations, and safety rules related to working with electricity.

2. You Have Two-Pronged Outlets

Two-pronged electric outlets are ungrounded, putting anyone using them at risk of receiving a shock. They also put your devices at risk of permanent damage. You’ll need to replace them with three-pronged fixtures. However, this also means you must rewire your electrical panel to ensure it provides the necessary ground.

3. The Electrical Outlet Feels Warm to the Touch

An outlet may feel warm for several reasons. It could be worn out or damaged, or the electrical outlet wiring was done incorrectly. Wiring issues can lead to a fire, so you’ll want to replace your warm outlets as soon as possible.

4. You Have Cracked or Chipped Fixtures

Chips and cracks on your outlet are cosmetic flaws. They are a problem because these spaces allow dirt and debris to accumulate inside the outlet. These particles can act as kindling when you plug something in, potentially causing sparks and a fire. Avoid using cracked or chipped outlets until a professional electrician replaces them.

5. You Notice Loose Plugs

A plug that falls out easily is a nuisance. But it’s also a sign that you must replace that electrical outlet. It might not seem like a big deal, but these outlets have lost their contacts. When you attempt to plug something in, it can cause sparking and electrical arcing. You need professional electrician services to replace these worn outlets.

6. The Outlets Are Discolored

If the outlet or surrounding wall becomes discolored, your outlet may be burned, damaged, or improperly installed, causing short circuits. These events leave scorch marks and melt the plastic surrounding the outlet. They can also result in a fire. Do not use discolored outlets. Instead, shut down the power to that outlet at the electrical panel and call an electrician for an inspection and replacement.

Protect Your Home and Replace Your Bad Outlets

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