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Many people enjoy the quiet beauty of winter and the related holidays. You may use an oven to create a delicious meal for friends and family or snuggle up under the warmth of an electric blanket. But imagine trying to enjoy your day when your heating system fails, or you experience a power outage.

If your home isn’t prepared for the winter, you are at a greater risk of electrical failure — and any electrical failure can quickly become a disaster. Electrical distribution systems are the third leading cause of home structure fires. Is yours ready for winter and increased demand?

You can ensure your home is prepared by scheduling yearly electrical safety inspections. There are several factors to consider as you await your appointment.

Why You Should Implement Routine Electrical Safety Inspections

By scheduling routine safety inspections, you’ll learn about issues with your home’s electrical wiring and fixtures early on. Correcting these problems will help you eliminate fire hazards and keep your family out of harm’s way.

Routine inspections also prevent electrical shock and power surges. Many factors contribute to these events, and an experienced electrician will make sure your house has no safety concerns.

What Happens During an Electrical Safety Inspection?

A qualified electrician will complete a detailed inspection of your system that includes reviewing several critical components.

Electrical Outlets

One of the best ways to prevent fire hazards through the winter is to verify that all your outlets are up to code. A qualified electrician can determine this during routine electrical safety inspections. But think about the last time your outlets were updated. If it’s been a while, consider upgrading to reduce the risk of fires this winter.

You should also ensure there are enough outlets in your home to support the electricity you use. If there aren’t enough, the outlets you do have will become overloaded. Overloading your home’s electrical system is easy to do during the winter when you are using more lights, heating appliances, and entertainment devices.

Wiring Issues

Faulty wiring is a significant problem during the winter because more electricity is flowing. Having a certified electrician inspect the wiring before winter allows them to identify connection problems and damaged wires. Resolving these issues before winter will protect your family, and ignoring them will increase the risk of a fire and create more extensive problems in the future.

Circuit Breakers

Your electrician will verify that your circuit breaker works correctly and whether it is at risk of being overloaded. It should maintain safe current levels and be free of water damage and corrosion. You must correct any mechanical problems because these could cause a fire if sparks are produced.

Electric Meter

Your electrician will inspect your electric meter regardless of its age. This inspection verifies that it was installed correctly and that there isn’t any extensive water damage or rust.

Fire Prevention Month is the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Inspection

Electrical safety inspections are an extremely important part of home maintenance. At Peak Home Performance, we complete these routine inspections to prevent serious issues, like fires, from occurring. Join us this year for Fire Prevention Month and schedule your inspection.

Call Peak Home Performance at 719-581-7124 to ensure your home is safe this winter.

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