Unmaintained AC Equipment: The Enemy of Healthy AC
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Do you think about how to keep your air conditioner healthy? If you don’t, then take this as your sign to start. We know that we’ve already reached the end of summer, but we do want to take some time to discuss the importance of air conditioning work just so that you can take this information with you into next year.

The importance of your air conditioning maintenance is truly unparalleled. Think of it like this: if you were about to take a cross-country road trip and you had the option to take car A (a car that just got an oil change, tune up, and tire rotation) or car B (a car that hasn’t been serviced in a few years) wouldn’t you choose car A? The chances are higher that you’ll have a successful road trip without any hiccups. The same goes for your AC. We’ll get into all the reasons why below…

The Importance of Maintenance

Now let’s talk about the importance of maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO. Maintenance does the following for your home’s air conditioner:

Helps Your AC Last

Your air conditioner is intended to last around 10-15 years. You’ll read this online, hear it from other AC owners, and probably even read it somewhere in your manual. Don’t forget that making your air conditioner last requires a little effort though. You’re going to need to get help from our team members for this.
Maintenance is what’s going to keep your air conditioner in tip top shape so it can last long into the future. If you skip out on maintenance each year, you’re only shortening your AC’s lifespan as time goes on.

Lowers Your Bills

We know that maintenance may seem like an extra expense in a lot of ways, but it can actually lower your home’s air conditioning bills. One thing that you need to remember is that an efficient air conditioning system is also a cost effective air conditioning system. They go hand-in-hand. Maintenance is going to keep your home in good shape.

Reduces the Likelihood of a Breakdown

It’s a hot summer day here in Colorado Springs and you’re lounging inside in the cool of your home. You don’t have a care in the world. In fact, you’re about to turn on your TV and dive back into that series you’re currently binging. Then, out of the clear blue sky, you hear your air conditioner make a weird noise and seem to power down. You don’t know what in the world is going on, but you know something is off.

You hop up, head over to the thermostat, and turn down the temperature by a few degrees—maybe your AC just needs a little nudge. But… nope still nothing. You’re starting to realize that something is wrong!

You’re in the midst of an AC breakdown. Air conditioning maintenance is something that could’ve prevented this. If you’d like to ensure that you have a safe and cool summer, then routine maintenance is the best form of insurance.

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