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When you come to Peak Home Performance for your HVAC needs, whether you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system, think your heater needs repairs, or it’s time for regular maintenance, you’ll receive the finest service from a team of trained professionals. We’re also a licensed HVAC contractor—and you only want to work with contractors who are properly licensed.

HVAC licensing in Colorado isn’t handled at the state level but at the local level. A contractor must meet the requirements of the jurisdiction they’ll be working in. They must also meet several federal level requirements and have certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency to handle refrigerants—a key part of servicing air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

We want to help you avoid the trap of working with an unlicensed contractor. We’ve written a post about why these amateurs are risky to hire, but today we want to look at the ways you can spot an unlicensed HVAC contractor.

They don’t include their license number on their advertising

Any online media or printed advertising material for an HVAC contractor must include their license number. You should be able to ask for this number at any time and receive it. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s “not important.”

Contractor asks you to obtain the permit

It’s the contractor’s job to obtain the permit before any work begins. Only a licensed contractor can obtain a permit from a local building inspection department.

Contractor wants a verbal agreement, not a written one

Always get any agreement in writing! The idea that work should be done “with just a handshake” is the kind of trickery unlicensed contractors use. You need to know all the details about the proposed work and have it in writing before the job starts.

Contractor cannot show proof of insurance

One of the most important reasons to always work with licensed contractors is that they have insurance to cover on-site damages or injuries so the customer isn’t liable. Unlicensed contractors usually cannot afford this insurance and won’t be able to show you proof.

No referrals

We’re proud of our referrals, reviews, and many satisfied customers—we’re glad to give you references if you ask. An unlicensed contractor will probably not offer any of these, and they may try to dissuade you from checking up with the Better Business Bureau.

Odd work hours

Unlicensed contractors will want to work on weekends or at late hours. Licensed contractors keep regular business hours—because they’re a real business!—and specially schedule other times when work needs to be done.

Unmarked vans and vehicles

If you don’t see a company name or a license number on the side of the contractor’s vehicles, you’re likely dealing with an amateur, fly-by-night operation.

Of course, the easiest way to dodge an unlicensed contractor is to call on Peak Home Performance! We’re licensed (License# 23608) and dedicated to providing a level of service that you won’t find elsewhere. Leave all your heating and air conditioning in Colorado Springs, CO to our capable hands.

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