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You’ve had your home’s heater running regularly for at least the last month or so. No surprise—it’s cold! You need your heater now more than ever. A central heater is the only way to keep your entire house warm.

And now you’re worried that comfort might vanish. Why? Because you’ve noticed weird noises coming from the furnace whenever it runs. That can’t be good news.

These odd sounds are a reason to call us for heating repair in Colorado Springs, CO. Even if your furnace appears to be running fine and is keeping the home warm, that irritating noise can warn of an emerging malfunction, one that might leave you with a dead furnace on a cold day. Or worse, it might leave you with an unsafe furnace. Shut off the furnace and call us to see what needs to be fixed.

Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of that weird noise you’re hearing. Here are several of the most common:


This jarring sound might be the fan belt wearing out in an older furnace. However, most furnaces today use direct motors rather than fan belts. The squeaking could also mean trouble with the bearings in the motors wearing down. If the bearings wear down completely, the motor will soon burn out. Technicians can replace the bearings to stop this.


You turn your heater on because you’re cold and then your home sounds like it’s a rattling old car. There are several potential sources for this. On one hand, it might be as simple as a loose front panel. Try the latch to see if it will close securely. If this isn’t the problem, the rattling could be warning of a loose part somewhere in the unit, likely in the blower fan. Something isn’t where it should be, and you’ll want it fixed before it causes damage.


Do you hear your furnace buzzing in an odd way? This might be the sound of the furnace’s electrical system malfunctioning. (Yes, your gas furnace uses electrical components!) This is a potential fire hazard, and you’ll want it fixed as soon as possible.


You can expect to hear clicking from the furnace each time it starts up. This is just the sound of the ignition system lighting the burners. But continual clicking isn’t something you should hear, and it can point toward a range of issues. The most urgent possibility is a cracked heat exchanger, a situation that can lead to carbon monoxide leaks. Shut off the furnace immediately and call for assistance.


This startling sound, like a sudden whoosh of air, usually means that excess amounts of unburned combustion gas is building up in the furnace. When the burners at last ignite the gas, it creates the booming sound. This can warn of dirty burners or problems with the ignition system. Either way, you don’t want it to continue, or the furnace’s safety mechanisms will stop the burners from lighting at all.

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