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At Peak Home Performance, we treat our customers like they’re our family—and nobody wants their own family members stuck with a failed furnace smack dab in the middle of a brutally cold Colorado winter! If you need speedy furnace repair in Parker, CO, our technicians are the skilled people to call.

However, speedy furnace repairs require that you know if you’ve got a malfunctioning furnace in the first place. Below, we’ll list the signs that you’ve got a faulty furnace so you know that it’s time to get our team to help. You never want to delay when you know there’s a problem, because even the smallest problem can get worse and lead to a busted furnace or even a safety hazard. Never take chances and please don’t try to perform any repairs to the furnace on your own.

Noisy operation

Furnaces have a standard set of sounds they make when they run: an air rush as gas jets ignite, the whir of the blower, clicking as the system shuts down. If you start hearing noises that are either unusual or simply loud, it means something has gone wrong. Although you might be able to figure out what’s wrong based on the sound, you still need professionals for a full diagnosis and to take care of the repairs.

Odd odors

Strange smells from a furnace are like strange noises from a furnace: another sign of a problem. If you detect a rotten-egg smell, it’s likely that natural gas is escaping from the furnace. Shut off the furnace right away at the furnace’s breaker switch and call for repairs. (Do not run a furnace if it may have a gas leak.) You may also detect bad smells like an acrid burning (likely a dying motor) or mold and dust.

Uneven or inferior heat

The center of your house is getting the heat it needs, but you have family members complaining their rooms are too chilly. Or you keep pushing the thermostat up higher than normal because the house never feels warm enough. Both of these situations are warnings that the furnace’s heating capacity is plunging due to age, blocked gas flow, a faulty blower fan, or burners covered with grime and dirt. Leave the diagnosis and repair work to our technicians.


When a furnace doesn’t complete a full heating cycle (15 mins or more) and shuts off early, only to turn back on a short time later, it’s short-cycling. This is a problem on its own because it places increased strain on the furnace’s components and will jack up heating bills. But short-cycling is often the symptom of a bigger problem that needs professional attention right away.

Unusually high energy bills

A malfunctioning furnace must expend more energy to provide the heat a home expects, and this will show up on monthly utility bills. If you’re experiencing a spike in heating costs that you can’t account for, follow through with a call to our team to see if your furnace needs repairs.

Rely on the experts at Peak Home Performance: Guaranteed Comfort and Affordability.

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