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It’s chilly in Colorado Springs and we know you’re feeling it in your home. The question is: what are you going to do about it? If your furnace is already showing signs that it’s wearing down then you should definitely pick up the phone or head over to your computer to contact us.

Sometimes, you’re going to have a furnace issue that’s pressing. We know that you’re probably not excited to call for furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO in the middle of the heating season. It’s a good idea to do this now though. We’re going to make sure that everything is as easy as possible for you. You’re going to need your heater on the chilly nights ahead. Assure that you have great comfort with our team.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

The idea of just crossing your fingers and hoping that the mild heating problem that you’re experiencing now doesn’t turn to a breakdown later… we can’t say that this is sure to happen for you though.

The thing about heating problems that pop up now is that they’ve probably been brewing underneath the surface for a while. This is especially likely if you skipped out on maintenance this fall. The weird sound you’re hearing, the odd cycling you’re experiencing, etc. was lurking in the shadows. Now, it’s moved out to the light to rear it’s ugly head. It’s only going to get worse as time goes on because the temperatures are only going to get colder. This means that you’re going to use your heater more often and put strain on the system.

Think of your heating problem as an angry bull and your procrastination as a matador with a red cloth—something bad is bound to happen here. It’s always best to remain proactive when it comes to your heating services.

When To Call Us

So now let’s talk about when to call us. Here are some of the most pressing signs:

Operational Trouble

Do you let out a deep sigh when you walk over to your thermostat? Maybe you feel this way because your heater doesn’t seem to listen to you anymore. It’s as if your thermostat and your heater itself are in a nasty feud—there doesn’t seem to be a fruitful communication going on between the two. This classifies as operational trouble, and you need a heating professional to solve this.

Burning Scents or Musty Odors

Any burning smell that you notice or a musty smell that you smell is bad, bad news. This is particularly relevant if you have a furnace because a furnace is a gas combustion system. Any foul odor often signifies that this process has gone awry. Musty odors signify a mold issue. Our professionals can help you in either scenario.

High Heating Bills

If your heating bills are much higher than normal then it’s a clear sign that your efficiency is suffering. An increasing heating bill is only sure to increase as time goes on. Don’t let this problem go unmitigated.

Contact Peak Home Performance for your furnace services this winter.

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