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November is the month to get serious about your home’s furnace. When the winter weather starts, the furnace will become the most important appliance in your house. It will work daily to keep your family warm and safe. Although modern furnaces are built to high standards of performance, they require special maintenance attention each year so they can work at their best and enjoy a long service life.

Your furnace needs to have regular maintenance from professionals before each winter begins. Our team at Peak Home Performance can do this job for you, and our maintenance program makes it easy and affordable. We’ll see that your furnace runs safely, experiences few repair issues, works at high energy efficiency, and brings you peace of mind through the winter.

But … there’s a vital maintenance job you’ll have to take care of through the winter on your own. Don’t worry, it’s not a difficult one: you only have to regularly change the filter’s air furnace. (If you aren’t sure how to do this, our team is glad to help show you during your maintenance appointment.) Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes forget to do this job. To help you remember, we’ll shine a light on why changing the filter is such an essential part of keeping your furnace running at its best.

How a Clean Filter Benefits Your Furnace

The air filter on your furnace does an important job: it protects the furnace’s interior from the dust, lint, dander, and other debris that will try to enter it as the blower pulls in air through the return ducts. After one to three months, the build-up of debris in the filter will be enough to clog it and restrict airflow into the furnace. This can cause numerous problems for the furnace, harming energy efficiency, performance, and damaging the furnace itself and shortening its service life. Simply by changing the filter regularly for a clean one, you’ll help your furnace…

  • Work at higher energy efficiency: A clogged filter is one of the main causes for heating costs in a house to rise. The furnace needs a clean filter so the blower won’t have to strain to pull air through the system.
  • Provide effective heating: When the furnace’s blower can’t pull in the same volume of air through a congested filter, it means a lower volume of air gets heated. A clean filter allows your furnace to work at its full capacity and ensures your household enjoys the best comfort.
  • Last longer: As a filter becomes clogged, it won’t be able to do its basic job of keeping debris from getting inside the furnace. The filter will distort from the air pressure and allow debris to slip around the sides, contaminating precision parts inside the furnace. This not only leads to more repairs, it can shorten the furnace’s lifespan. When you regularly change the filter, you’ll help your furnace last longer.

There’s much more, but we hope we’ve given you a good idea of why regular filter changes make a major difference for your furnace and for your home. We’re here to help you get the best from your home heating system—just ask us at your next maintenance appointment about the right schedule for replacing the furnace’s air filter.

Call Peak Home Performance today to learn more about our maintenance program.

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