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Winter has just begun, but the writing is already on the wall—your boiler is going to be limping across the finish line at the rate it’s going now. It’s way too soon for your boiler to act up. It’s getting colder by the day and we’re sure you’ve noticed the change. You’re cold and you’re looking to stay warm. Your boiler is the main unit that you need to depend on during this time.

If you need boiler repair in Colorado Springs, CO, then we’re the team you need to call. Stay vigilant and keep your boiler in mind this season. We know that it’s not always obvious that you need boiler repair. We’re here today to make it abundantly clear. Here are five clear-cut signs that you need help with your boiler.

Clear Signs That Your Boiler Needs Repair Work

Watch out for the following issues:

1. Odd Sounds

Your boiler doesn’t make much noise on a regular basis, but these days it feels like your unit has picked up some new tricks. You hear this odd kettle-like sound throughout your home. You might recognize this sound as part of your morning routine. You turn on your kettle and hear a rumbling and bubbling noise.
If you have a hydronic based boiler, then it means that you have mineral buildup in your home. Mineral deposits have built up on the bottom of your system and created a hard layer that the boiler has to work against to heat your home.

2. Leaks

Your boiler has sprung a leak—you notice some ugly spots on your walls or floor. Boiler leaks are a problem because they quickly lead to water damage. Water damage is bad for the structure of your home and it’s bad for your wallet too. This is not only a problem, it’s an urgent problem. Call our team ASAP.

3. Higher Heating Costs

You haven’t noticed much of a difference with how your boiler is running, but what you have noticed is high heating costs. They’ve gradually increased as the temperatures outside have gotten colder. This is odd though because you don’t use your heater more often than usual. If you’ve consistently maintained your heater, then it means you have a heating repair issue.

4. Slow Heating

Your boiler is slow on the warmup. You feel as though you’re waiting forever to get warm. It’s getting unreasonable at this point. This means you need to repair your system.

5. Uneven Heating

The rooms throughout your home all feel so different. It’s like each room in your space belongs to a different home. You’ve tried everything possible to get each room on the same page, but no amount of tinkering on your home has helped. This means that it’s time for boiler repair work.

Your boiler uses a series of sub-floor and sub-wall lines or coils to heat your home. Some of them are out of whack if your home isn’t heating evenly.

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