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With each year, more homeowners are choosing to have ductless heating and cooling systems installed for their homes. Although these ductless systems (also known as ductless mini split heat pumps) are not ideal for all homes and all situations, they have several excellent uses we recommend homeowners consider the next time they’re looking for a new HVAC installation.

A quick reminder of how ductless mini splits work: They operate similarly to standard heat pumps, circulating refrigerant to either move heat into a home or move it out. Unlike the standard heat pump, which uses a single indoor unit that pushes air into a network of ducts to spread it through the rooms, a ductless mini split system has multiple smaller air handlers that attach to the outer room walls. The air handlers each have their own refrigerant coil and blower so they can send conditioned air directly into the living space—no ducts needed.

Here are some of the best applications of ductless heating and cooling.

Comfort for homes that lack space for ductwork

Older homes built before central heating and cooling became common won’t have the ductwork available for standard ACs, heat pumps, or furnaces. Although it’s possible to add ductwork to these homes, it’s much less expensive and disruptive to have a ductless system installed. A ductless mini split only requires some space high on several walls and a place to put the outdoor unit.

Comfort for new construction homes

On the other end of the age scale, newly constructed homes can benefit immensely from planning for a ductless mini split system. The reason is simple: the house doesn’t need to be designed with ducts as a concern! This saves a great deal of space and gives you more flexible design options.

Converting unconditioned spaces to living spaces

Have you thought about converting the garage or the attic into a bedroom, study, or other living space? One obstacle you’ll face is that these areas are not connected to the home’s HVAC system. Trying to expand the HVAC system to include them will require significant changes to the current heating and cooling. It’s easier to add a ductless mini split to take care of the comfort needs for the new space and leave the rest of the HVAC system as is.

Add-on rooms

This is the same situation for room conversions: adding a new room creates a challenge for the current HVAC system. A ductless mini split makes heating and cooling the addition simple.

Targeting hard-to-heat-and-cool parts of the house

Does your home have a room in the back that just never gets warm enough in winter or cool enough in summer? Rather than attempt to redesign the whole central HVAC system to improve comfort for this one area, you can use a ductless mini split as a cost-effective—and effective in general—solution.

There are even more uses than this. If you want to find out more about ductless mini split installation and ductless heating replacement in Colorado Springs, CO, talk to our Peak Home Performance team.

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