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March is a time to celebrate the vital role of women in American business and society and honor the unique qualities of women that help shape each. Peak Home Performance is fortunate to have such women help lead the company and the people in it. Shanon Gallegos and Taryn Long are co-owners of the Colorado Springs-based heating and cooling company. They are also sisters. Growing up with their mother, Mary Smith, in the mountains of Vermont, they learned valuable life lessons that made them the women they are today. Each with their individual strengths and gifts, Shanon and Taryn bring the necessary “female-attributes” to the Peak Home Performance team, creating a culture of caring, communication, and attention to detail.

Before we dive into the accomplishments of these two remarkable women, let’s review the history of women in the HVAC industry, and why it’s proving to be a necessary upward trend. In 2009, women made up 0.6% of the industry—from technicians to CEOs. Fast forward ten years, and women make up just over 2% of the heating and cooling industry. Interestingly, the number of single men who become homeowners is 9%, compared to 19% for single women as homeowners. Female business leaders and technicians appeal to female homeowners. Women leaders in HVAC also bring a new way of communicating, a different style, attention to detail, and a sense of organization that are attributes unique to women. Our owners, Taryn and Shanon, are perfect examples.

When you hear how Shanon has catapulted the company in the past year, you would never guess that she was new to the heating and cooling industry. Shanon leads the Home Depot division of Peak Home Performance, and has had tremendous success. In less than three years, Shanon has built a team of dedicated, quality employees that continually break records at Home Depot. In true form for a female leader, Shanon’s team is diverse, with women and men aging from 18 to 80. Shanon’s open communication and caring nature have helped shape the culture of not only the Peak Home Depot team, but across the whole company. Peak Home Performance is Home Depot’s Trusted and Preferred Home Services Provider from Castle Rock to Pueblo, and Shanon has helped to make that happen.

Taryn Long has an eye for design and a sense of style that branded the company three years ago. As a talented artist and accomplished photographer, Taryn’s design and lead on the consistent brand of Peak Home Performance has been instrumental. Taryn has also been a critical part of the positive culture throughout the company as she organizes and hosts welcoming and friendly celebrations for team unity.

Taryn and Shanon possess the same qualities as the women we celebrate this Women’s History Month: perseverance, consistency, care, and communication. They are women, wives, mothers, daughters, and co-owners of a successful HVAC company. We celebrate them this month.

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