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If you’ve seen the recent issue of Life in Broadmoor, you may have noticed a certain friendly face on the cover: our founder Weldon Long, accompanied by his wife and company co-owner Taryn Long. You might already be part of the Peak Home Performance family, or perhaps you’re looking for a trustworthy heating and cooling company in Southern Colorado. Either way, we’d like to help you get to know Weldon a bit better!

“I believe in total satisfaction for clients”

Weldon’s drive behind founding the new company was to build a heating and cooling business that focused on superior quality and a complete customer experience. Weldon wanted a reliable company that could repair any system, not just sell a new one—a company that made customers feel like family. “The key to success is an uncompromising commitment to service and homeowner satisfaction,” Weldon explains. “We never compromise on either of these two things.”

Inspiring People in Broadmoor and Beyond

Weldon not only operates a successful HVAC company, but he’s also a New York Times-bestselling author of books on mindset and sales process. He used his experience of twenty-five years of overcoming poverty and desperation to write such bestsellers as Consistency Selling and The Power of Consistency. He launched a successful speaking career, and today he travels 200,000 miles a year to spread inspiration. He’s involved in volunteer work to help people going through similar struggles to the ones he once faced. The work he’s done for correctional facilities has even served as the basis for several state and federal programs.

When he’s not traveling to inspire people, Weldon loves his time spent at home. He and Taryn and their two children adore being part of the Broadmoor community. “It’s a gorgeous neighborhood. Lots of old trees and beautiful homes. Nice and quiet, too!”

Peak Quality, Peak Service

Peak Home Performance embodies all of Weldon’s ideals for quality: the highest EPA certifications, a 10-year parts warranty on installed HVAC equipment, and friendly service that makes life easier for customers. This dedication to customer service is its own reward, as Weldon has found: “Anytime we can improve the quality of life for any client, it’s a good day.” He loves solving problems for customers, whether for a local homeowner or a Fortune 100 company. “The sense of satisfaction leaving a situation better than I found it is very rewarding.”

In fact, Weldon has some advice that can help you right now with your home comfort: “Your heating and cooling system is a mechanical system. It needs regular servicing like your car. Don’t wait till you have a catastrophic failure. Maintain your HVAC system!”

When you work with Peak Home Performance, you’re joining a family. You won’t be upsold, and you won’t have a job marred by cut corners. Weldon has a simple rule for every business he owns: “If you don’t like the service you receive, you don’t pay for it.” At Peak Home Performance we are committed to this exact standard of excellence throughout Southern Colorado.

Read the full article to learn more about Weldon and the Peak Home Performance commitment to quality.

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