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Duct Testing and Sealing

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At Peak Home Performance, we strive to give you the best service experience imaginable. We’ve been in the Colorado Springs, CO area for a long time, so it’s no wonder why we treat all our customers like family. The people of the Olympic City deserve duct sealing specialists who can keep their HVAC systems airtight and efficient. With our guarantee and personal commitment to your comfort, we can provide this community with a new level of HVAC service quality.

Don’t just take our word for it! Plenty of customers in the Pikes Peak Region have signed up for our duct testing services with rave reviews. Our quality speaks for itself, and we urge you to join in for the best possible service at an affordable cost.

Bringing years of experience to our community with quality duct services. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Comprehensive Duct Testing Services

If you’re skeptical about the quality of your air ducts, the first step of the sealing process is to get your air ducts evaluated. When it comes to air duct testing and diagnostics, we outweigh our competitors on equipment and precision. Without proper air duct testing service, your ducts might end up still leaking from an area after sealing that was otherwise undetected.

Our expertly trained team is focused on making sure you get the most out of your air ducts. If you’ve been panicking because your air conditioner or forced-air heater is not functioning as well as it should, leaky ducts may be the culprit.

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Repair Your Leaking Ducts Today

Duct leakage can be bad news for your heating or energy bill. In some cases, air ducts can leak up to 30% of the air treated by your AC or heater. That’s a lot of wasted energy, and it means your HVAC system is working much harder to keep you comfortable than it should be.

Finding the duct leakage in your home is a process that only a professional can take care of. And we offer it! We’re highly trained, experienced, and well-equipped for the purpose of sealing your ducts. With our expert diagnostic process and our specialized technology, we can locate precisely where your duct leaks are and fix them before they start to cost you money.

Save Energy and Air With Expert Duct Sealing Services

Air ducts are precious to your heating and cooling experience in Colorado Springs, CO. Unless you’re ready to get rid of them altogether, you’re going to want to keep them in good enough shape for your heating or air conditioning to work well. Duct sealing services are absolutely necessary to keep your HVAC systems efficient and effective.

Efficiency doesn’t just mean saving money. It also means increasing the longevity of your heater or air conditioner. A leaking air duct is going to mean that your system is trying much harder to treat the air in your home. When you’ve got a quality team that can completely seal your air ducts, leaving them airtight and efficient, it’ll be a piece of cake for your heating or cooling system to take care of you.

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