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Duct Repair and Replacement

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If you’ve had duct leakage or duct testing services, then you’ll know how important duct repair and replacement is. Air ducts are the lifeblood of your HVAC system, carrying the treated air throughout your home and leaving you as comfortable as can be. That’s why you need Peak Home Performance, a Colorado Springs, CO area company that is dedicated to customer experience and the quality of your air ducts.

We’re in this business to provide a new level of HVAC service quality for any of our customers in the Olympic City. Our top priority is treating every customer like they’re family, so you know you’re in good hands with us.

Peak Home Performance is constantly bringing years of experience to the Pikes Peak Region. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Expertly Performed Duct Repair

Leaking air ducts need to be addressed as soon as possible. Ducts experience issues like any other appliance. That is just a fact of life. Whether it’s through age, construction, or extreme temperatures, air ducts will experience damage. Sometimes these damaged or leaking ducts were installed poorly, which contributed to them becoming so deteriorated.

This deterioration forces air to leak out of your ducts into areas wnere it won’t serve any purpose, like crawl spaces, attics, and rooms that are already being conditioned. Leaks are a huge waste and will end up costing you more than just a minor inconvenience. That’s why our thorough and affordable duct repair services will keep your air ducts in perfect shape, so you get the most bang for your buck.

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The Benefits of Maintained Air Ducts

As we mentioned above, air ducts are the lifeblood of your HVAC system. They’re a vital component to your home comfort. If they’re ignored, they’ll lead to a huge amount of expensive problems and eventually repairs that you won’t be prepared for. That’s why it’s essential to have air ducts that can siphon the air through your home without leaking.

But not every HVAC company in Colorado Springs, CO offers this kind of comprehensive duct service. Air ducts can be hard to reach, the leaks can be difficult to detect, and duct repairs can often require sheet metal, specialized duct tapes, and other materials. That’s where we stand out from the rest. You only have to make one call to us, and we have everything in-house required to fix your duct leaks.

Quality Duct Replacement by the Professionals

We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the team, all we need is your approval and we’ll replace your ducts in no time. Sometimes air ducts are going to be in such terrible condition that it’s not worth the cost of a repair. In those circumstances, we can completely replace your duct system so that it’s up to code and produces the efficiency you really want.

Are you dealing with the nightmare of a haphazardly installed air duct system? Have you been struggling for years with the poor craftsmanship of an amateur who has left you paying higher than normal bills for your air conditioning? How about working with the professionals for a whole air duct replacement? We’re your Colorado Springs, CO air duct experts!

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