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HVAC Contractor in Woodland Park, CO

There are plenty of jobs you can handle around your home on your own. The installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of your HVAC systems in Woodland Park, CO, however, are not among them. Those are jobs for trained professionals. Not the cheapest handyperson you can find, and not a contractor forcing you to fend off pushy salespeople. At Peak Home Performance, we treat our customers like family. Come see what truly great customer and technical support looks like.

Contact us today to discuss your home comfort options. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Heating Services

A heater, even the best heater on the market, is really only as good as the technician that installs and services it. That’s why you need to work with the heating technicians in Woodland Park, CO that you can count on-those on our team. We install and service boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and more. Call now if you’re considering a new heating system for installation, or if you just want your existing heater tuned up.

Heating System Installation and Repair

Did you know that a subpar heating installation can have some pretty dire consequences? Yes, it can result in a poor heating output and oversized energy bills. However, it can also result in a dangerous operating condition. Whether you need a brand new heater installed or it’s becoming obvious that you need heating repairs of some kind, remember that you’ll find what you need when you call our number. No matter how cold it gets outside, we’ll keep you warm.

Boiler Services

If you’re wondering why the boiler has remained such a popular heating system for so long, the answer is quite simple. Boilers are great heating systems! They don’t have the issues with air quality or inefficiency due to duct leaks that forced-air heaters can, and they’re quite durable thanks to the fact that they feature relatively few moving parts. You can count on us to install and service your boiler in Woodland Park, CO with the utmost care.

Air Conditioning Services

Choosing the right air conditioner in Woodland Park, CO might sound easy, but a lot of difficult things can sound easy at first. You need to know that you’re purchasing the right system for your home, and that you’ve found the right individuals to service that system. That’s easy, especially considering you’re reading this now. Contact us for top-quality air conditioning services, and you’ll be living comfortably all summer long. Installations, repairs, maintenance-we do it all.

AC System Installation and Repair

Installing an air conditioner is a job that requires the skill and expertise that only trained technicians possess. Every step of the process, from the sizing of the system to its integration into the house, needs to be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. That is why you should let us install your AC. And when your air conditioner is making odd sounds or failing to cool your home, call us for prompt AC repairs.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Breathing high-quality air isn’t something that always comes naturally in our homes. We understand why you might think that air quality in your home is inherently better than the air quality outside, but that is not at all a guarantee. Tightly sealed homes have better efficiency than drafty ones, but they also lack the ventilation necessary for great indoor air quality. Our IAQ services in Woodland Park, CO are just what you need to bridge the gap.