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Dual Fuel System Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Is your electric heat pump system not enough to get you through the cold winters in the Olympic City? In that case, let us hook you up with a dual fuel system installation that can provide your home with efficient cooling in the summer and powerful heating during the winter. For an intricate system like this, it’s always a good idea to hire the pros in Colorado Springs, CO.

By bringing years of experience to our community and treating our customers as they should be treated—neighbors and friends—Peak Home Performance is the logical team to choose in the Pikes Peak Region. We bring years of experience to our community, along with a 10-year parts warranty on all installed HVAC equipment. Don’t leave a job like this up to amateurs, give us a call for your dual fuel system installation today!

Dual fuel system services are one of many fields that Peak Home Performance is expertly trained in. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

How Does a Dual Fuel System Work?

Dual fuel systems combine the power of a furnace with the electrical efficiency of a heat pump to provide year-round comfort and savings. When an electrical heat pump provides cooling in the summer but can’t quite heat your home effectively in the winter, it is set up accordingly with a gas furnace to switch on at a moment’s notice. This process can ultimately save you money and make you more comfortable.

Dual fuel systems thus require extensive maintenance to make sure that both units are up to snuff when the appropriate season is approaching. In order to make sure that your heat pump isn’t consuming massive amounts of energy when your furnace should be working, you’ll want some serious dual fuel system maintenance that can keep your heater happy.

Let the Pros Take Care of Your Dual Fuel System Installation or Replacement

The decision to purchase a new heating or cooling system for your Colorado Springs, CO home can be difficult to make. Efficient and effective units like a dual fuel system installation can be a huge investment, and the nightmare scenario of an improper setup can mean bad news for your wallet. If an amateur installs your dual fuel system, you could find yourself requiring a replacement or repair in the near future as well.

If either your heat pump or gas furnace component of your heater has been installed incorrectly, there could be a plethora of issues requiring extensive repairs or a whole new dual fuel system replacement. Since this type of HVAC unit is comprised of two different systems, a poor installation can mean twice as many problems when determining the need to purchase a dual fuel system replacement.

Guaranteed Comfort 24/7 on All Dual Fuel System Repairs

Gas leaks on a furnace can be incredibly dangerous, and electric heat pumps that aren’t repaired can cause your energy bills to skyrocket if you’re not careful. When you suspect dual fuel system repairs because of a noise that’s coming from your heat pump, or the smell of gas, you’re going to want help no matter the time of day.

We offer 24/7 emergency services for all our customers who need us, when they need us. Though these problems can usually be scheduled for service with our dual fuel system maintenance plan, not all repairs can be foreshadowed. No matter what the issue is, guarantee your comfort with a call your neighborhood pros in Colorado Springs, CO.