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HVAC in Pueblo West, CO

If someone tells you that all HVAC contractors in Pueblo West, CO are the same, we can tell you one thing for certain. They’ve never worked with Peak Home Performance! We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be treated like family by the contractor you work with, which is why we treat all of our customers like family. You’ll feel welcome, you’ll feel empowered, and you’ll feel respected. It’s not just about technical service. It’s about customer service. And we put our customers, their comfort, and their satisfaction first. Let us know what we can do for you.

Contact us today to discuss your home comfort options. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Heating Services

Your heater plays a major role in keeping you comfortable for a good chunk of the year. Make sure that it is able to excel in this role. That will only be the case if you schedule all of your heating services in Pueblo West, CO with trained, experienced professionals. You’ll find them on our team. Our technicians are continually trained to keep up to date with the newest heating technologies, and they have the best diagnostic tools available.

Heating System Installation and Repair

Are you ready to have a brand new heater installed? If so, we strongly suggest you schedule this service with our team. We’re a Home Depot supplier, and we know the ins and outs of all kinds of heaters. We also train our technicians on an ongoing basis so that they’re able to figure out what problem your heater is up against in order to resolve it completely. When we install or repair your heater, the job’s done right. 

Boiler Services

Boilers heat water in order to heat homes, and they distribute that water through hydronic heat distribution systems. Now, that may sound simple, but trust us, it’s not as simple as it sounds! Boilers are revered as an efficient and reliable home heating option, but they also are quite complex to service. You know what you’re getting when you schedule your boiler services with us: the best service that you can hope for. We keep boilers in peak working condition.

Air Conditioning Services

From new system installations to complex repairs, our AC technicians can handle whatever you might need to keep cool and comfortable even when the heat of summer is at its worst. Trust us, we know how hot it gets around here. That’s not going to change. What can change is the way you handle the heat. Call us when you need AC services in Pueblo West, CO, and you’ll manage the heat successfully. You deserve a comfortable home all summer.

AC System Installation and Repair

A poorly installed AC may be better than no AC, but not by much, to be honest. You’ll be overpaying for too little return from your system. Skip the DIY installs, and definitely ditch the noisy, inefficient window units. You want to schedule a whole-house AC installation, and you want to schedule it with our team. That way, you’ll have the quality cooling experience you need. We can repair any AC that you choose to use, as well.

Indoor Air Quality Services

You never want the quality of the air in your home to contribute to discomfort or even health issues. However, the air in your home simply might not be as high as you think it is. We can help to change that, though. We can diagnose the problems with your indoor air quality in Pueblo West, CO, and we can outfit your home with the systems that it needs in order to achieve truly great indoor air quality.