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Water Softeners in Colorado Springs, CO

At Peak Home Performance, we take pride in providing our community with a new level of plumbing service quality—including your water treatment system needs. This means we’ll make sure that your drinking and potable water is not only safe to drink and use, but that it’s not having a negative effect on your quality of life by damaging your plumbing system, either.

Many homes here in Colorado Springs and throughout the Pikes Peak region suffer from a problem known as hard water. This is water with a buildup of minerals in it—namely calcium, magnesium, and sometimes iron. These minerals are not harmful for you to ingest, so you may wonder what the big deal is. These minerals aren’t good for your plumbing pipes! In fact, they can endanger a number of the plumbing appliances you use. The solution to this is the professional installation of a whole-house water softener.

Contact Peak Home Performance for whole-house water softener installation and to learn more about your water treatment options. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Why Hard Water Is a Problem

Hard water isn’t as devastating a problem as, say, a bacterial contamination of your water. It’s not actually inherently dangerous to your health like other water contaminants can be. However, it negatively impacts the quality of life for Colorado Springs homeowners, and that’s worth discussing. Hard water makes your drinking water taste funny, makes your showers and baths feel less refreshing, and wears out and fades clothes in your washer at a faster rate.

Perhaps the biggest problem with hard water here in the Colorado Springs area is the crusty, white deposits it leaves behind in your plumbing and faucets. You’ve probably even seen these signs of hard water, without understanding exactly what they are. And sure, you can buy some multi-surface cleaner to relieve the problem from the drain surfaces, but this doesn’t help with the buildup of limescale within your pipes.

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener System

A whole-house water softener can be just what you need to improve the comfort of your home and your quality of life within your Colorado Springs area living space. It’s a relatively simple plumbing appliance that "scrubs" the water clean of mineral deposits through a small tank filled with polystyrene beads. These beads perform an ion exchange with the minerals, and as a result, your water tastes much cleaner than it would have otherwise.

You can typically tell the difference between regular water and hard water by looking at what it leaves behind. For instance, fill half an ice cube tray with water from your faucet and the other half with bottled water from the store. You’ll notice the bottled water is clear while the water from your faucet is cloudy. This also shows up in the form of spots on newly washed dishes. Hard water residue also stays behind on clothing and linens you wash, causing them to fade and break down faster.

Contact Our Colorado Springs Pros for Your Water Softener Needs

Whole-house water softeners are, generally speaking, low-maintenance plumbing devices, as long as they get cleaned on a regular basis. They do require professional installation, which ensures they don’t have any operational problems right from the start.

You’ll also do well to schedule plumbing maintenance, where we will inspect your entire system, including any water treatment products you’ve installed. For all your water treatment needs, contact the trusted team here at Peak Home Performance.