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UV Water Purifiers in Colorado Springs, CO

Do you know how many contaminants can negatively affect the quality, taste, and even the health of the water you drink and use for tasks such as bathing or cooking? We’ll just say, there are a lot. There is good news though! There are also a number of water treatment systems that can help you combat this, to protect not only the health of your household, but the integrity of the plumbing in your Colorado Springs, CO area home.

At Peak Home Performance, we install and service UV water purifiers for this very purpose, among other water quality systems and services. We have many years of experience helping you live comfortably in your home, and we look forward to learning how we can best serve you. Not only will we make sure your UV water purifier works well and does its job effectively, but we’ll also recommend any other water treatment systems we may think will benefit you.

Contact our master plumbers today for your UV water purifier services! Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Eliminating Harmful Germs From Your Water

Ask any Colorado Springs resident what UV radiation is, and they’ll be able to tell you. What you might not know, however, is how UV rays can be used to help safely rid your drinking and potable water of bacteria and germs. When an ultraviolet water purifier reaches the inside of your home’s main water line, every droplet of water that enters your property can’t help but pass through it. This is vital when we’re talking about germs, which are microscopic enough to slip through even the finest screening system.

UV water treatment exposes germs to a UV wavelength that is harmless to us or our pets, but is deadly to microorganisms or bacteria that can be lurking in your water. UV light either kills bacteria outright, or fuses their DNA to prevent replication. With an ultraviolet water purifier you’ll never have to worry about your drinking water making you sick.

Reach Out to Our Team for Thorough UV Water Purifier Services

One of the benefits of using UV water treatment is that these systems have few moving parts—you need only to replace the UV light bulb before it burns out and ensure that the system has the power it needs to operate. You can ensure this by having your system professionally installed—which is what we’re here for!

Professional installation ensures that your UV water purifier properly alights and doesn’t miss any areas of your main water line. By following up this professional installation with routine plumbing maintenance from our Colorado Springs, CO master plumbers and water treatment specialists, you can make sure your water stays clean and healthy throughout the years.

Contact Us for Your Water Purifying Needs

There’s a lot more to UV water treatment than simply installing the system. As we described above, you’ll want to follow that up with maintenance as well. But you’ll also want to make sure that you don’t have any other water quality issues that could be affecting your health or your plumbing.

Contact our team and we can determine if a UV water purifier is exactly what you need, or if you may benefit from another system—or even some combination of systems, such as a UV water purifier and a water softener.