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Tankless Water Heaters in Colorado Springs, CO

Are you in the market for a new water heater? If you’ve been using a tank water heater all this time, you might either think there’s no other option, or no reason to change. Today’s conventional models certainly have their merits, but if you’re looking for more efficienct or even more space-saving unit in your home, you’d do well to consider a tankless water heater installation.

At Peak Home Performance, our Colorado Springs master plumbers are well-equipped and experienced to handle any type of tankless water heater service, from installation or replacement to tankless water heater maintenance and repairs. We ensure that every single one of our customers is treated like family. You are our neighbors and our friends—we want to make sure you’re matched up with the right home comfort systems for your convenience.

Ready to learn more about tankless water heaters? Contact Peak Home Performance today! Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

The Power of a Tankless Water Heater

You’re likely already familiar with how a tank water heater operates. It uses a large tank to store a constantly heated supply of water. Cold water enters the bottom of the tank, where it is heated by an electric heating element or a gas-powered heat exchanger. These systems can store 30–80 gallons of water, sized according to your household and hot water needs.

The problem with this is that needs change over time. While you may have needed a smaller system when you originally invested in it, it may not be enough now—or vice versa, your larger system isn’t used to its full capacity each day, resulting in standby energy loss. Either way, you’re sacrificing efficiency or comfort. A tankless water heater works "on-demand," only heating up the water when there is a demand for it from a tap or plumbing appliance.

The Importance of Professional Tankless Water Heater Services

Any type of water heating system is going to be a large investment for your household. If you want your water heater installation or replacement done right, you need to work with experienced professionals, such as the master plumbers on our team. There’s no other way you can rely on an outstanding system that will operate exactly as it should for the years to come.

When you call on our team for your tankless water heater installation, replacement, or even repairs, you can rely on our professional courtesy, industry knowledge, and honesty. We want you to get the most from your home comfort systems!

Thorough Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

A common misconception regarding tankless water heaters is that they do not need maintenance like their tank counterparts. It’s important to note that while tankless water heaters are not as big and don’t have as many components as the tank water heater, they are still mechanical systems that can fail if not properly cared for.

Scaling from hard water can affect your tankless water heater, as can poor electrical connections or leakage. Professional tankless water heater maintenance serves to prevent these problems from happening. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team today.