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Sump Pump Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Have you ever dealt with a flooded basement in your Pikes Peak Region home? For homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO and beyond, this is a very real threat. Not only do heavy storms and rainwater pummel our properties, but we also have snow melt and potential plumbing problems to contend with—like burst plumbing during the winter or spring due to frozen pipes. Fortunately, if your home is armed with a sump pump professionally installed by our Master Plumbers, then you’re in good shape!

Peak Home Performance is a proud supplier of a number of plumbing products and services. We have years of experience resolving and preventing a wide range of plumbing issues, including exceptional sump pump installation and maintenance services to ensure your home is well-protected from floodwater, all year long.

For expert sump pump service in Colorado Springs, CO, contact Peak Home Performance today! Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Call Our Master Plumbers for Sump Pump Installation

A professional sump pump installation is the only way you’ll have any hope of waterproofing your basement. This system is comprised of two main parts. The sump is the collection basin for all the runoff water to go to. It collects any water that would otherwise cover your basement floor. It’s installed at the lowest point of your basement, so that any water entering will have nowhere to go but to flow into it.

The pump is the part of the device that takes all that water and expels it out of the home. Where that water goes will depend on your specific home setup, but the important part is that the sump pump keeps water from building up within your property. Of course, it only can do this if you invest in professional sump pump installation from an experienced team like ours. Call us today for more information!

Comprehensive Sump Pump Repair and Maintenance

Scheduling professional sump pump installation is important, but it’s just the beginning. If you truly want to ensure that your basement is protected, you need to keep your sump pump in good condition. This includes scheduling regular sump pump maintenance at least once a year, following up with any sump pump repairs that are needed, ASAP.

In addition to your professional sump pump maintenance service, you should be testing the system every few months during the year to make sure it’s still working as it should. This means pouring water into it and making sure the sump activates. If it doesn’t, you likely need repairs. Or, if your sump pump has significantly aged, there’s a chance you may need sump pump replacement.

If you know your sump pump is struggling, or something about the way it’s operating concerns you, please don’t hesitate to contact our master plumbers. We’ll be quick to make repairs and ensure that your sump pump is ready to work for the years to come. Or if your sump pump is aging, we can make great recommendations for a sump pump replacement. Whatever your needs are, we’re the team to contact.