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Slab Leak Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

Trust us when we say there is no plumbing problem you want less than that of a slab leak. With years of experience helping customers throughout the Colorado Springs area live comfortably in their homes, the team here at Peak Home Performance can tell you that a slab leak can be a real detriment to not only your comfort, but your convenience and your wallet.

The good news is, we’re here to help! Our master plumbers have seen it all when it comes to plumbing issues. Our training and technology allows us to look at your slab leak or plumbing leak as unobtrusively as possible, and then make an educated decision on how to approach it. You can always count on us to be honest and reliable when making recommendations.

For slab leak repair you can count on, contact our team today! Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

The Nature of Slab Leaks

A slab leak is defined as a plumbing leak that occurs beneath the foundation of your Colorado Springs area home—or in other words, beneath the home’s concrete slab. Due to how inaccessible this area is, a slab leak can be quite tricky to reach and even more difficult to repair—at least without the right tools and training.

Since water leaks can do significant damage to your property, it’s essential that they be resolved as quickly as possible. A slab leak is especially problematic, since it can damage the foundation of your home and lead to subsequent problems such as flooring damage and even mold growth. The best thing to do if you suspect a slab leak or any other type of plumbing leak is to contact our Colorado Springs master plumbers for help.

Professional Slab Leak Repair

You might not be able to see the source of a slab leak, but there are plenty of signs you can watch out for to alert you to its presence. You just need to know what those signs are. They may include:

  • The sound of running water even though no plumbing taps or appliances are on.
  • Warm or cool spots on your flooring, depending on which lines are leaking (hot water lines are more prone to corrosion and leaking than cold water lines).
  • A rise in your water bills despite no extra use of water.
  • Mold and mildew growth under carpet or by baseboards.

In severe cases, the floors and walls in your home can begin to break down and crack due to standing water. This is why it’s so important for you to contact a professional the moment you detect any of these symptoms.

Call on Us for Your Slab Leak Repair!

A slab leak repair is definitely not a "do-it-yourself" job. Only a skilled, professional Colorado Springs plumber has the expertise needed to pinpoint the exact location of your leak (remember, it may not be a slab leak at all but rather a leak behind the drywall). From there, we’ll take the steps needed to access and repair the slab leak.

Accessing a slab leak always requires breaking through the concrete foundation of a home, which is another reason you want to act fast and only trust the pros. The sooner a slab leak is found, the less damage will need to be done to your flooring.

From there, once the slab leak repair is done, you may want to consider rerouting and repiping your plumbing system—this is especially true if you have aging pipes. If your home is older than a few decades, you may not want pipes running under your foundation anymore, for fear of another slab leak occurring later on. Be sure to ask our technicians our opinion for your best course of action. Contact us today!