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Emergency Plumbing Services in Colorado Springs, CO

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never heard a Colorado Springs resident tell us that a plumbing problem happened at a “convenient” time. Of course, not all plumbing issues qualify as emergencies, but for those that do, you want a skilled, quick, and trustworthy plumber on your side. Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further than Peak Home Performance for just that!

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality service from the best plumbing professionals around. We have master plumbers on staff who can handle any and all sorts of plumbing woes. We get that plumbing emergencies can happen at literally any time, and so we provide 24/7 services. In addition to that, we provide a whole host of other plumbing services, from drain and sewer cleaning and repiping to slab leak repair and even gas piping.

Want to learn more about our emergency services, or need to schedule an emergency call? Contact us using the phone number above! Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?

Sometimes, it’s quite apparent that you have an emergency plumbing situation on your hands. For example, perhaps you have water rushing out of a burst pipe behind drywall, or you noticed water pooling in your yard from a broken main line. There are other instances, however, that emergencies are more subtle but still need to be dealt with.

If you discover a warm spot on your kitchen floor, for example, you shouldn’t brush off—there’s a real possibility you have a broken hot water line under your foundation. This is known as a slab leak, and must be found and repaired right away in order to prevent severe property damage.

When you’re facing an emergency, the best thing you can do to prevent further loss is to shut off your water right away, while you wait for our professional master plumbers to arrive on the scene. We promise to be there quickly, with the right tools to get your Colorado Springs home back up and running.

Preventing Emergency Plumbing Situations

This isn’t always the case, but there are sometimes steps you can take to actually lower the risk of facing a sudden plumbing emergency in your home. Scheduling regular video pipe inspection and drain cleaning, for example, is a solid first step.

Since stubborn drain clogs often result in a sudden drop in water pressure and subsequent emergencies, it helps if you avoid putting certain things down the drains of your home to prevent emergency situations. This includes:

  • FOG: This stands for fats, oils, and grease. The problem with FOG is that it congeals and hardens as it cools off, building up within your pipe walls until it creates an impenetrable blockage and backup.
  • Anything but Toilet Paper in the Toilet: This can include trash, medications, food, and even wipes that are marketed as being "flushable."

One last way you can take a step toward preventing a plumbing emergency is by taking good care of the sewer line. This includes planning your landscaping whenever possible to prevent the infiltration of tree roots.