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Heating Maintenance and Repair Services in Colorado Springs, CO

A great heating system is not just a one-and-done job in Colorado Springs, CO. Heaters, just like cars and computers, require constant care and attention to maximize their utility and lifespan. Here in the Olympic City, annual maintenance is a must-have with any heating system to make sure it’s up to speed with our climate.

That’s where we come in! Peak Home Performance is your local premier heating contractor in the Pikes Peak Region. We’re also The Home Depot's Certified Installer. We are all about providing a new level of HVAC experience in our area, and we’re not stopping until everyone who calls us has an affordable and comfortable heating system. If you’ve got a new heater and you’re in the market for service that will keep it working as long as possible, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re all about keeping your heater happy and healthy for as long as possible. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Is Heater Maintenance Really Necessary?

Absolutely! Heater maintenance is incredibly important when looking at the long term of a heating system. Furnaces can last 10–20 years in good condition, boilers even longer. But without quality maintenance, you’re looking at 10 years tops of frequent repairs, noises, smells, and problems that you’d rather not deal with. Less maintenance means more emergency calls and problems that are completely avoidable.

Maintenance isn’t as optional as many homeowners assume. It’s as optional as getting your oil changed on your car or a check-up with a doctor. You’re taking a big risk if you avoid maintenance on your heater. Don’t roll those dice, it’s not worth it. Give us a call to schedule maintenance today!

24/7 Emergency Heater Repair

If you’ve got a heater that’s having trouble, the climate in Colorado Springs, CO can be too cold to wait until a technician is available. We offer 24/7 emergency services because we know how devastating heater problems can be in the middle of the winter. The creeping cold can threaten the safety of your family, the structure of your house, and could cause major problems for your property.

If you’re struggling with a furnace that’s about to break down on a Friday night, you don’t have to wonder if you’ll be forced to wait until Monday for a technician to fix the problem. The functionality of your heater is just that important to us. So don’t hesitate to give us a call no matter what the problem is.

Hesitation Leads to Deterioration

We get it, heater problems can be expensive. It’s a pretty bad feeling to wake up to loud furnace banging, or a water hammer issue with your boiler, bracing for the panic to come. How much will it cost? How long will the repairs take? Will you have to deal with our Colorado Springs, CO cold for a while before you’ve got heat again?

Put those questions to rest by calling us. Our motto is, "guaranteed comfort at an affordable price," because that’s what we offer. Different homes and budgets call for different solutions. We’ll never knock you for wanting to save money on something as expensive as heating. Work with us for a solution that’s just as affordable as it is effective for you and your family. You won’t regret it.