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Heating Installation and Replacement in Colorado Springs, CO

Here in the Olympic City, you can’t gamble on your heating system. Having an unreliable heating system can be downright dangerous because of how cold and dry it can get here. That’s where we come in! We perform heating installation and replacement services up to EPA standards that make sure you’re not wasting any energy or time. With Peak Home Performance, we’re concerned primarily with providing the highest quality service from the best HVAC professionals in the Colorado Springs, CO area. Don’t believe us? Check our reviews!

When we started in the HVAC industry, we wanted to focus on treating everyone in the Pikes Peak Region like family. After all, these aren’t just customers to pressure and upsell highly priced equipment. Everyone here is a neighbor and a friend. You, as well as everyone else who signs up to work with us, deserve to be treated as family. We work to make our neighborhood better by providing affordable and quality comfort for everyone who needs it.

Contact us for expert heating installation and replacement services. Our motto says it all: Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

The Difference Between Professional and Amateur Heating Installation

Not many homeowners know the difference between having their heating system installed or replaced by a professional rather than an amateur, but there absolutely is one. Heaters must be sized accordingly, and boiler or radiant heating systems need intricate pipework to be installed either in the floorboards or the walls.

A poorly sized forced-air heater will short-cycle, constantly turning on and off because it’s either providing too much heat or can’t provide enough to complete a full heating cycle. Also, an incorrectly installed boiler or hydronic heater might spring a leak which could be devastating to your home and cause incessant water damage. Trust us, get your heater installed the right way. Call the professionals today!

Do I Need a Heater Replacement?

We get it. Sometimes, contractors try to sell customers a brand-new heating system when their heater still works fine. With us, we’re not about that at all. Like we mentioned earlier, we’re only interested in providing guaranteed comfort at an affordable price to anyone who wants it in Colorado Springs, CO.

But it’s still generally a good idea to get a heating replacement when you start experiencing difficulties with an aging system. If it costs you a large amount of money or peace of mind by requiring frequent repairs, then you might be better off with a newer system replacement. We do offer heating repair, but sometimes there is a higher cost to keeping an aging system, even if it still works adequately. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Thorough Heating Service From Start to Finish!

So many contractors might set up a heater correctly, but then they’ll never respond to your calls until you need another brand-new system. This method just doesn’t work, and it’s not fair to you. Our service doesn’t stop when we install a new system. With our 10-year parts warranty and our detailed maintenance plan, we’ve got plenty more to offer you when the final screw is tightened.

You must have a heater that works for you no matter the selling point. Our focus is functionality, efficiency, and making sure that you’re happy with what you’ve purchased. If any of our heater options sound right for you, get it installed or replaced by a team that knows what it’s doing.