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Heating Services in Colorado Springs, CO

In cold climates, it’s not a luxury to have access to a reliable heating system. And boy does it get cold in the Colorado Springs! Whether it’s a furnace, boiler, or radiant heating system, it’s imperative that you have the right heating contractor to do the job correctly the first time. With Peak Home Performance, we are bringing years of experience to the Colorado Springs, CO community, and we’re not stopping there!

When it comes to heaters, we offer a 10-year parts warranty on everything that’s installed. We won’t stop until every customer we serve is treated like the friends, family, and neighbors we know they are. We don’t have any high-pressure salesmen or concern for how much we want you to spend. We’re all about finding the solution that fits your home and your budget. So don’t stress about heater problems. Give us a call and let us sort things out.

Let us provide a new level of HVAC service quality. Guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.

Choosing the Right System for Heating Installation

We offer a plethora of heating systems fit each home and every need in the Pikes Peak Region. Take a look at what we offer, and we’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got the perfect heater.

  • Heating Installation and Replacement. For those of you who are confident you could use a whole heater overhaul, consider looking into a new installation or replacement.
  • Heating Maintenance and Repair. Experiencing a problem with your heating system? Call the pros today.
  • Furnaces. Furnaces are the most common heating systems in America, and for good reason! Give us a call and we’ll tell you why.
  • Boilers. Don’t like the feeling of forced-air heating? Switch over to hydronic heating with a highly efficient boiler system.
  • Radiant Heating Systems. Does heat emanating from the floorboards sound comfortable to you? Schedule service for in-floor heating today!
  • Ductless Systems. Not interested in having ductwork installed? No problem! Call the pros for quality ductless system installation.
  • Dual Fuel Systems. The heating power of a furnace with the efficiency of a heat pump—get the best of both worlds with a dual fuel system.
  • Duct Testing and Sealing. Make sure your ducts are up to snuff with our comprehensive duct testing and sealing services.
  • Heat Pumps. These are incredibly efficient, year-round systems. Looking to save money on an electric heat pump? Call us today!

Which Heater Is Right for You?

Homeowners can sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of heaters on the market. We’re not here to sell you on whatever is the most expensive unit. Every home requires a different personal touch! Do you have a home that’s too old for ductwork? Perhaps radiant heating or a ductless HVAC system could be the perfect solution. Do you just want a reliable heater that will get the job done? A furnace might be right up your ally.

Heating systems vary greatly from model to model. Those intricate details are best left up to the experienced and highly trained technicians to hook you up with the perfect system. A poorly installed or replaced heat pump will never be as efficient or function as well as one that’s set up to your standards by a professional. That’s a fact!

Your Trusted Resource for Heating Repair and Maintenance Services

Working for as long as we have in the Colorado Springs, CO area means that we know how to deal with the cold. If you sign up with an amateur, you run the risk of dealing with the dry air and the cold all at the same time when you’d rather be warm and cozy. That’s why our motto is "guaranteed comfort at an affordable price." We do just that—guarantee your comfort.

Our heating system installations, whether heat pumps, furnaces, or boilers, are guaranteed to keep you comfortable all winter long. These highly efficient and effective machines were built to last in our neck of the woods. Keep the cold and dry Colorado climate out of your home with one of our products.