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Why Your Heater Makes That Funny Noise

So you’ve had your heater running pretty faithfully for at least the last month or so in your home. It’s cold! You need your heater more than ever now. Those mornings getting out of your bed feel like you’re leaving a warm cocoon and stepping out into an arctic tundra. It’s bad news. Your heater is your only way to keep yourself warm on a grand scale. That’s why you have a distinct pit in your stomach now that you’re noticing some weird noises whenever you run your system.

That’s when you should call us for heating repair in Colorado Springs, CO. Any funny noise is going to become a problem even if you’re not currently facing the consequences of said problem. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure later. Just contact us today.

What’s That Noise?

Let’s get to the bottom of that weird noise that you’re hearing. Here are a few:


Your heater is squealing like a pig. You notice this distinct sound because it’s so jarring.

What you’re hearing is more than likely the sound of your fan belt wearing out. When you have a bad fan belt, it means that the functionality of your home’s heater is starting to deteriorate. Squeaking could also mean that you need to oil things up in your home. No matter what’s going on, you should get in touch with a professional to make sure that the problem you’re having isn’t too dire. We’re going to help you figure things out.


You turn your heater on because you’re cold and then your home sounds like it’s rattling like an old car. Is this ideal? Absolutely not. But is it something that you can try to get through? Sure.

We want you to know that your heating services should never be a matter of “dealing with” anything. You should schedule an appointment with a professional if you notice a loud rattling sound going on in your home. Rattling means that something is loose, broken, and moving around.


Do you hear a popping noise going on in your home? You might hear a little popping on a regular basis. Popping isn’t actually a red flag. It’s actually something that’s relatively normal if you are turning on your heater for the first time in a while. Popping can be the sound of your metal ductwork expanding or contracting.


Do you hear your home’s heater buzzing in an odd way when you run your heater? Buzzing isn’t a sound that you want to hear. Buzzing might be the sound of your home’s electrical system malfunctioning. If you notice this, then it’s time to get in touch with us.


Now… this sound isn’t like the other ones. Technically, this could be considered the absence of sound. Either way though, this actually isn’t something that you want to hear from your heater. Your heater should be quiet, but it shouldn’t be completely silent. If it is, then it means that you need help from a professional.

Contact Peak Home Performance today for your heater services.

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