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It’s Never Too Late to Fix Your Heater

It’s important to understand your personal timing. Sometimes, your journey looks different than someone who you perceive to be your counterpart. You’re never “behind” or even “ahead” of anyone else—you’re just on your path. This is actually something that you need to consider when you’re thinking about your heater too.

How does all of that relate to your heater? Well, your heating in Colorado Springs, CO is just that—yours. Even if you’ve waited around until peak season to address your heating problems, it doesn’t mean that it’s too late. We’re going to be here to help you through whatever you need.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Now, we know that we just went through the whole idea of personal timing and understanding that your path is your own… but we will be honest and say that there are better times to do certain things than others. The one enemy of a healthy heater is procrastination.

Let’s paint the picture: it’s the first chilly fall evening of the season. You’ve come out of the brisk cold and into your home expecting the chill to subside. Instead, you realize that your home is just as chilly as it is outdoors or, in some cases, even colder. To remedy this, you walk over to your thermostat, dial it up to a high temperature, and then wait for warmth. Along the way you start to notice some oddities. Maybe your heater runs in short cycles, it makes a new rattling noise as its heating that you’ve never heard before, or maybe your eyebrows raise as your energy bills start to come in.

These are all troubles that you don’t want to address right away. The weather has just cooled off and you’re not in the mood to have a professional tinkering around in your home.

Here’s the thing about this though, procrastination only allows your heating troubles to get worse. They’re allowed to grow and fester unmitigated by the hand of a professional. You will have to address them eventually and when you do, they’re going to be even gnarlier and more expensive than before. You can cut out a great deal of hassle by contacting us at the first sign of trouble.

What You Should Call For…

Here are a few things that are worth contacting a professional over:

  • Odd Run Times: Your heater should run at a constant cycle. If the cycle is too short or long, then your efficiency is on the chopping block.
  • High Energy Bills: Your heating bills are higher than ever although you’re not doing much differently. This is a sign that you need better heating service.
  • Loud Noises: Your heater is making all types of weird noises. You’ve never noticed these issues before. Each noise that you’re hearing indicates a unique problem going on in your home. We’re here to listen, decode, and solve it for you.
  • Low Heat: You’re just not warm enough no matter what you do. If you need better heating then start with professional service.

Contact Peak Home Performance for your heating services.

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