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Yes, it’s already fall. The weather may not be behaving like it yet, but the season is underway and we’ll soon need to start thinking about preparing our homes for colder temperatures. In the world of HVAC, this means it’s time to schedule heater maintenance in Castle Rock, CO.

And Peak has your back when it comes to HVAC maintenance! Our team of professionals will help your heating system work at its best, most reliable, and most energy efficient throughout the coming winter. We won’t high-pressure you with sales talk when we come to your home—we’re there to see that your heating system will provide you with peace of mind (and lower bills) during the winter.

The Peak Home Performance Maintenance Program

We offer more than maintenance. We offer an investment in the future of your comfort through the Peak Home Performance Maintenance Program. For low monthly costs, you’ll receive annual maintenance for both your heater and AC, plus benefits like priority service and special membership discounts. Here is some of what your get:

  • Priority service within 48 hours for HVAC services
  • $500 off a complete HVAC system replacement
  • Two HVAC tune-ups per year: one cooling, one heating ($198 value)
  • Inflation protection in case program fees increase
  • $100 Peak Bucks gift card at initial sign-up and at every annual renewal with no limit ($100 yearly value)
  • No overtime fees
  • 15% discount on all repairs, parts, and cleaning

Why You Want Heating Maintenance Each Year

The biggest benefits of regular heating maintenance aren’t in the details of the program, however. They’re in the quality work our technicians perform when they come to your house each fall and what it does for your heating system:

  • Extended equipment life: You can expect your heating system to reach its maximum potential lifespan if it’s maintained annually. Without maintenance, it might fail in half the time.
  •  Increased safety: We’ll make sure your heater doesn’t have any safety concerns. If we spot anything, we’ll fix it.
  • Fewer repairs: Heating systems with regular maintenance experience 50% fewer repairs than heating systems without.
  • Energy savings: Letting a heater run for winter after winter without cleanings and tune-ups will cause it to deteriorate and drain more power to run. Maintenance will let a heating system keep 95% of its original energy efficiency through all but the last one or two years of its service life.
  • Better capacity: Your heater won’t struggle to deliver the level of comfort you need, even on the coldest winter nights, after our technicians are through with it.
  • Warranty protection: The valuable manufacturer’s warranty on your heater may be voided if it skips maintenance. This isn’t a consumer protection you want to lose because of neglect!
  • Peace of mind: The best benefit of all! You won’t have to fret that your heater has a high chance of breaking down on you in the middle of the coldest day of the winter.

Get on the schedule early! We’ll help you sign up for maintenance and get you a convenient appointment for your heating maintenance.

Peak Home Performance: Guaranteed Comfort and Affordability. Call today to sign up for our maintenance program.

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