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How Often Do I Need to Schedule Duct Cleaning?

Monday, January 16th, 2023

Duct cleaning is a regular service homes need, but it’s also the regular service that homeowners are most likely to forget to have done. The reason for this is simple: because ductwork is hidden from sight, it’s easy for people to forget about it entirely. They assume the ducts are fine, doing their job, and there’s no need to clean them. Why would they get dirty in the first place?

But duct cleaning is an important service because ductwork gradually accumulates dust, lint, dander, and other debris over time. You won’t need to call us for annual duct cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO, but we recommend you have an idea how long it takes before your ducts are dirty enough that they need this service.

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Choosing Between Fiberglass and Pleated Air Filters

Monday, April 11th, 2022

If you’re searching for air filters for your HVAC system, you’ll immediately come across several different choices, not all with obvious answers. One of the big choices you’ll face is “fiberglass air filter vs. pleated air filter.” When you’re shopping for options, you’ll often gravitate toward the less expensive choice. This isn’t always ideal, even if it may seem like the right option for your budget. 

To make the best choice, you’ll have to weigh several factors, including price, how often you need to change to filter, and the filter’s power. Below we’ll provide a guide that will make this easier. We’re available to help you make the best choice for filters as well as develop a schedule for how often you need to change the filter. Keep in mind that the type of filter will have a large impact on how effectively and efficiently your HVAC system operates—the right filters will immensely benefit your comfort and budget.

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions for the Winter

Friday, December 3rd, 2021

The indoor air quality in our homes affects us throughout the year. Winter, however, presents several special challenges. When homes are closed up against the outside cold, it allows for many allergens and other pollutants to build up indoors. Winter is also a prime period for colds and flus to circulate through a home. Finally, the low humidity of winter can create unpleasantly dry indoor conditions. 

We have good news on all these fronts—our team at Peak Home Performance has indoor air quality solutions that can help you enjoy a more comfortable and healthier winter season. Below we’ll look at ways we can help you overcome the winter indoor air quality blues.

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Make Spring Easier with Whole House Air Purifiers

Monday, April 12th, 2021

Spring is in the air! While we all look forward to spending more time outdoors, it’s also the start of spring allergy season.

It’s tough to enjoy all that spring has to offer when you’re sneezing and rubbing at itchy eyes due to dust, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens. Your home is supposed to be your oasis away from it all, but allergy season may bother you even more if you haven’t addressed your home’s indoor air quality.

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can lead to an increase in symptoms we commonly associate with allergies and pollen?

● Sneezing
● Wheezing
● Itchy eyes, nose, and throat
● Fatigue

So what are you supposed to do when allergy season invades your indoor space too? At Peak Home Performance, we’d suggest evaluating your home’s indoor air quality and considering a whole house UV air purifying system.

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Your Home Is More Than a Home Now—And Clean Air Ducts Can Make It Healthier

Monday, January 4th, 2021

Well, 2020 was … a year, wasn’t it? As much as everybody would love to forget it and push forward, the start of 2021 is an excellent time to pause for reflection about how to move forward using the lessons of the past.

Let’s take the example of your home. During a year in which you probably spent more time in your house than at any other time, your home will have become something much greater than just “a home.” It became a schoolhouse, a gym, an office, a digital conference room, a theater, even a personal hair salon.

And because you’ve been home to run that school, gym, office, and salon, now is a good time to discuss the condition of your home’s air ducts. Indoor air quality is an essential part of the health of you and your family. Dusty and dirty air ducts will lower the home’s air quality and make life indoors much less pleasant. We can help change that with duct cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Why Your IAQ Counts

Monday, September 28th, 2020

If you’re struggling to get comfortable in your home, good indoor air quality might be the piece of your home that you’re missing. It’s time to ask yourself: when was the last time you cleaned your home’s air ducts? Are you having trouble even recalling the last time this happened? Is your answer “never”? This means that you need to come to us for a duct cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO.

We know that this might be something that you overlook for the most part, but we’re here to help you bring this to center focus. We want you to be comfortable in your home. We also want you to have a healthy home environment.

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